Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So much on my mind and so much I shoud be doing. But my last post is about an episode of The Office that is two episodes back so I'm in need of a change....

So here are some things I want to share. Nothing special.

1. I mowed the lawn for the first time yesterday. I felt pretty proud of myself.
2. I ran 3 1/2 miles yesterday. Trying to push myself past the 3 mile mark so I don't get stuck there. Contemplating doing a 10k in the fall. When I excercise I tend to have alot of energy afterwards (weird?). Sunday I ran and then proceeded to clean the kitchen and then go outside and trim the hedges. Seriously. And the Monday's run was followed by the lawn mowing.
3. The Office season finale was really good. In true Office fashion the little moments were the true big moments. I'm excited for next season. If you're a real office geek, like me, go to NBC and then to The Office and you can read Creed's blog.

4. Once again I realized how different my kids are from each other. Today after playing at the park for a few hours I noticed that Catherine had a pretty good scrape on her knee. Don't know how or when she got it because she didn't let me know. With Ella, no injury goes unnoticed - no matter how small or seemingly invisible.
5. I have to recommend this recipe for icing. I made it for cupcakes (as shown in the post) and it is much lighter and not nearly as sweet as a buttercream icing. I'm sure you save some fat and calories, but most importantly, it tastes good. Now I'm just waiting for a reason to make the peanut butter pie you can also see in the same post. Thanks Crafty P!
6. Tonight is the last episode EVER of one of my favorite shows - Veronica Mars. I'm pretty sad, especially because the episode was written as a season finale, not a series finale. So we'll be left with a cliff hanger and have no closure for these characters that we've grown to love over the past three years. This season wasn't as good as the first two, but I think it's because the network (CW) was pushing the creator to make changes and make it easier for the casual viewer to jump in and watch. The previous seasons had series long mysteries that built up to intense season finales. But even so, it was better than alot of the stuff that's on TV now, but just wasn't able to get good ratings (again I'll blame the network - I'm a true fan!). Now it's being replaced by some crap crap crap reality show called The Farmer needs a Wife. I feel a bit sick just writing that. Can you tell how I feel about reality TV? The really sad part is, it's the type of stuff that America watches. I would love to know what is so fascinating about these reality shows? If you are a fan (in general, not neccesarily of the farmer variety) please stand proud and let me know why it appeals to you. We're all allowed our opinions, I have mine, but I am curious about others'. I promise, it won't change the way I feel about you!!! :)
7. Speaking of reality TV, I am going to be hypocritical and tell you about the ONE reality show I watch. So You Think You Can Dance, which premiers this Thursday. I am not an AI fan, but for some reason I really love SYTYCD (not typing that out again). It features a wide variety of up and coming dancers - from studio trained to street dancers. If you appreciate dance (your appreciation doesn't have to compare to your actual ability) you should like this show.
8. OK, final TV plug. Friday Night Lights became one of my favorite shows this year (next to The Office and Veronica). I resisted watching it at first, but got sucked in after a few episodes because Matt was hooked from the start and I was curious. I know how annoying it can be to have someone bug you to watch a show (b/c I do it alot!) but I really think you'll like this one. You don't have to be a football fan to enjoy it. There's some typical risque high school behavior, but it definitely doesn't center around that. Anyway - NBC is replaying the entire first season on Sunday nights at 9pm - since there's not much good on during the summer I suggest you check it out (or tape it!).
9. We're heading to Chincoteague VA this Memorial Day weekend to visit with Matt's parents and stay at their little beach place. Not excited for the four hour drive, but I'm looking forward to a few days at the beach. I hope everyone has a wonderful extended weekend - I know it's more than a half a week away but the chances of me actually posting again before that are rather slim.....

I'll leave you with some pictures to reward you for actually reading all this (or not, I'll never know)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Beach Games

So how many of you are Office lovers out there? I don't mean that you love the place where you or your husband work, but the awesomely funny show - The Office....

What did you think of last night's epi? Were you holding your breath for the last 2 minutes? All season I've been hoping Pam got up the courage to speak her mind about a few things and finally it happened!!! I have to go watch it again - at least one more time, because it just goes by so fast. I never watch it live but start it 20 minutes late so I can bypass conmmericals - the whole time I'm watching I'm checking how much time is left and I'm wishing it were longer.

Some highlights for me (in no particular order)- Creed catching the fish and then showing up with a skeleton saying "no one told me we got hotdogs", Stanley taking Jim out with the sumo suit, Jim walking Karen into the lake, Dwight yelling at Ryan and Ryan quitting, The whole bus singing "The Gambler", poor Andy floating away (in the background while Michael is talking), and many more I'm sure.

What were the highlights for you? Are you excited or scared for next weeks finale! One hour long - yippee!

Also - potential SPOILERS - but nothing too bad. But be warned....
Word on the street is that there are two separate finales filmed. Rashida Jones (Karen) is involved in a pilot over at FOX and if it gets picked up she'll leave the show. Which is the reason for the two different episodes. Of course I hope the pilot gets picked up so the show moves in a (hopefully) pro Jim and Pam direction. But I'm pretty annoyed that the direction of the show may be determined at all by Rashida Jones. I think the writers should do what they want and plan regardless of her. I am hoping Jim and Karen break up and a) she leaves for the corporate position or b) she stays in Scranton but they still break up. I am worried that if her show at FOX doesn't get picked up then they'll keep Jim and Karen together which will annoy me. What do you think? Come on, if you watch The Office you have to be wondering what's going to happen as well....

PS. Just read that next season will be 24 episodes - 4 of which will be hour long specials! Yeah!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Here is a video of ella singing - just a trial - working on posting videos...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spreading Rumors

So I've known that Ella really wants another baby brother or sister (she says sister). But until today I don't think I really knew how much she really wants one. And also thinks it might actually be happening. Perhaps it's a variation on the Field of Dreams - if you think it, it will come. It being a new baby.

Today when I picked her up from her class after church one of the teachers came up and said "Congratulations!" I knew by the way she said it what kind of congratulations it was and I immediately looked down to see if my belly was looking big for some reason. But she cleared it right up by saying that Ella shared with the whole class during circle time that what she was thankful for was "that my mommy has a new baby in her belly!"

Can you believe that!!!!!!?????

I actually laughed pretty hard and then explained that, no, I was not pregnant, but Ella keeps talking like I am. To the point of even naming the baby. She even informed the class that it would take awhile - like 9 weeks! Don't I wish.

Later on I saw one of the other teachers for her class and said, "J., just so you know, I'm not pregnant.". She replied, "I know, Ella's been saying that for awhile now and could tell you weren't getting any bigger so I figured it wasn't true." Oh man. I'm wondering how many people at my church think I'm pregnant. Now I'm going to be self conscious about wearing fitted shirts when I'm having a fat day (usually the times when I don't wear a fitted shirt, but still...).

When I told Ella later that mommy didn't have a baby in her belly, she started to cry and said "But I really really want one!" It almost made me want to say, "Ok sweetie, we'll have another baby just for you". Almost, but not quite...

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