Thursday, June 28, 2007

Weekly post :)

My friend Renee posted about this week's So You Think You Can Dance. Go here to add your input!

I still have to post some pictures from our trip to Clearfield and Pittsburgh. Ella had so much fun with her cousin Isaac and I got some cute pictures of them holding hands. She cried so hard when we were getting ready to leave Saturday night. She told me in the car she wanted Isaac to come home with us! I think he felt the same way about her :) In fact he had some jealousy issues when another little girl wanted to play with Ella - he did not like someone else moving in on his turf. Isaac is such a sweet sensitive soul, something you don't always see in little boys. I think it's a good thing and I hope my kids grow up with tender hearts that have compassion for others. But sensitive kids are easily hurt and it' s a fine line as a parent to nurture that sensitivity but also help them toughen up so they aren't overwhelmed by the world around them.

We loved our time with Matt (my big brother), Chrissie, Theo and Isaac. There was a house for sale not too far from them and Chrissie kept dropping hints about us moving out there. Especially after I was blown away by how "uncrowded" their Costco's was and I found out that they have a Fudruckers one parking lot over (from the Costco, not their house - that would be dangerous).

I could keep going but it's going to storm and we have alot of stuff outside that needs to come in! So off I go. Remember, SYTYCD fans - go over to Renee's blog and add your opinion.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The results are in....

So this is just a quick post to discuss last night's elimination from So You Think You Can Dance. I won't put anything on this page because I know Renee hasn't watched it and might see it accidentally.

I was NOT happy with the people that got eliminated tonight. In a way I was alright with the girls - not because she (whoever she was) deserved it, but her solo was nothing special and someone had to go. For the guys though, I really think the wrong person was kicked off. Renee I almost called you and said I'm not happy tonight - and it would have been you saying don't say anything, I haven't watched yet!

That's it for SYTYCD tonight. Tomorrow we're off to Pittsburgh to see Matt, Chrissie, Isaac and Theo. I don't think Ella knows we're going tomorrow. She knows we're going Friday, but I don't think she knows tomorrow is Friday. If all goes well we'll spend the afternoon at the Pittsburgh Zoo which should be a treat for the kids since it's much bigger than the little zoo that we live close to.

Today we spent the day at Curwensville Lake and both kids had a wonderful time playing in the water. I have some fun pictures to post when I get home....

Have wonderful weekends!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What did you think?

I'm at my parents for a few days before we head to Pittsburgh to visit with my older brother Matt, his wife Chrissie and their two boys and attend a family reunion for my mom's side of the family. Aside from my brother's family, it's been years since I've seen my mom's family - the last time I was at a gathering was for my Grandpa Bill's funeral and I was about 14 weeks pregnant with Ella.

I enjoy spending time at my parents because there's lots of space for the kids to play and a big yard to run around in and a long flat driveway to ride bikes on. But for some reason Ella has not been sleeping well the last couple of times we've been in Clearfield. I was really hoping it wouldn't happen this time, but of course, around 2:00 am she wakes up crying for me and when I go in she doesn't go back to sleep for another 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I lost track of time at some point. It was very frustrating and annoying. Of course that lack of sleep catches up to her throughout the day and she had probably an hour long temper tantrum over the clothes I picked out for her (I really didn't care what she wore, but she wanted to wear her sister's shorts and was literally hysterical because she couldn't.). Looking back, if I had known what it would have led to I would have said " sure, wear Catherine's shorts", because it was so not worth the fuss. But once I put my foot down about something I cannot give in to Ella - if I do it will come back to haunt me. I have a hard time comprehending why this stuff matters so much to her. Why a pair of shorts is worth the screaming and the tears?

Oh well. Enough about Ella. Who out there is watching So You Think You Can Dance???? Erin, Renee - I know both of you are. What did you think about tonight's show? I am really liking this season. The dancer's are all really good. I have found that I really really enjoy contemporary dance - it's grown on me these past few years and I tend to look forward to it and to how the dancers will do with it. I'm having a hard time remembering all the dancers because I don't have DVR at my parents and I can't just quickly rewatch a dance that I like. Which I do at home. A couple of times! I liked Pasha and Jesse - mostly because Pasha really surprised me and was awesome, plus the choreography was great. Jesus and Sarah's Paso Doble was cool and he's another guy that I enjoy watching. Neil and Lauren's hip hop was cool - I liked this new guy's choreography alot - I agree with Mia about the fluidity of it. Lacey and Kameron - good as I would have expected. I like him but he hasn't wow'ed me yet. I like Jimmy alot, Danny not as much. Danny is great, but seems to be lacking in emotion and passion. And since the judges always say that's an important part I'll hold that against him. I love Hok and was surprised he could at least keep up with his dance (was it the Samba?) and look so comfortable. I know I'm forgetting and I'm really just talking about the guys. Can you blame me?! :) For the girls I like Lacey, Sarah, the girl that dances with Hok (name?), Lauren, not sure about Jesse. Last year I had already decided I liked Benji and Travis was growing on me and I loved Musa and Alison as well. This year I'm still figuring out who I'm rooting for.

How bout you? Who was hot and not so hot tonight? Who do you like regardless of how they do? I have a hard time separating personality/performance from dance technique so I know some of my fav's might be different from, say...Renee, who knows dance and can appreciate the training and technique probably more than I do. I think it would be fun if the few of us that read this and watch would weigh in weekly and share opinions, rants, raves, etc....

And if you're not watching, check it out on Wednesday and Thursday nights on Fox. My mom was actually watching with me tonight and enjoying it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


So it's been awhile since I've posted. I've been having too much fun reading other people's blogs - much easier than actually writing something on my own.
I figured I should post some pictures just to let you know that I'm still out here and give you something new to look at.
These are from our trip to Chincoteague Virginia over Memorial Day weekend. We had a nice time with Matt's parents and the kids played non-stop. Once we got to the beach Ella barely stopped running (hence the picture) - she was just so overjoyed to be at the beach. Catherine's favorite spot was the beach chair (hence the picture!) - she was just taking everything in - and looking very cute doing it. The close up shots are from a park that had a wooden boat the kids could play around. Ella's hair is red because she painted it earlier that day - she did a good job of it.
Chincoteague is very different from Ocean City, NJ - where I've grown up vacationing. Very calm and quiet and not busy at all. It was a nice change of pace for me. I'd like to head down for a week the end of August or beginning of September before Ella starts school. The highlight of the trip for Ella was riding on the moped (how the heck do you spell that?) with Matt. As soon as she'd get whiny and annoying he'd take her for a ride around the block. We're seriously thinking of buying one at the end of the summer when they sell them off cheap. Not because of Ella (although that's an added bonus) but it gets amazing mileage and Matt could take it the mile to work and do his immediate errands with it. I think the highlight of everyone else was watching me come within inches of wrecking the moped - twice. I was barely moving so there was no danger to my safety - just to the fence and shed that were in front of me.
Since then we've been trying to beat the heat (Ella is again terrified of swimming pools - she had gotten over it by the end of last summer and apparently forgot that she wasn't afraid and now she's afraid again. I feel like it's my fault since I never did swim lessons with her. I know it's not too late but I keep procrastinating and I'm not sure where to go. She loves water just not pools with no shallow ends.) and stay entertained. Catherine and Ella are like tweedle dee and tweedle dum. They play together all the time - not always nicely. Catherine adores her big sister - she's the first one she asks for when she wakes up after nap. I think "Ella" has replaced mommy as Catherine's most frequently used word. That and NO.
Well Ella is anxious to go watch Charlie and Lola, which means I can (i.e., should) start doing some housework. Adios!
PS - I turn 30 in three days. Yikes!!!!

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