Monday, February 04, 2013

Here I Go Again

I was given the book Here I go Again by Jen Lancaster to review as a part of the BlogHer Book Club.

I was excited to read this because I was familiar with Jen's blog Jennysylvania, most notably her hilarious Twilight reenactments.   Seriously...go check them out!

This book revolves around Lissy Ryder, queen bee of her high school and as far as she is concerned, the rest of her life.  There is basically one word you can use to sum up Lissy and I won't use it here b/c this is a family friendly blog.  But you can guess! Then take that word and multiple it ten times and you have a glimpse of what Lissy was like in high school.

 Lissy hasn't changed much as an adult and even as her life crumbles around she is still blinded to the fact that it is the natural consequences of her selfish self centered life style.   She attends her high school reunion oblivious to the idea that her high school power and influence no longer exists.  Basically everyone except Lissy has grown up!

It's a this point that Lissy starts on an incredible journey that takes her back to high school gives her the chance to change the course of her life.  But how easy will it be and will she even want to?  

Honestly I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would, mainly because it wasn't as predictable as I thought when I started reading it.  The hardest part of it was pushing through even though it's kind of difficult not to hate the main character for a good chunk of the book!

Overall it's a quick read, takes you back to your high school days, makes you think about what you would do differently if given the chance.  

Just the usual, I was compensated for this review but all the opinions are my own


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