Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I tried to add these pictures to the previous post but it just wouldn't work. Figured it's been awhile since I've posted any pictures of the girls.
This picture they are partaking in their favorite snack - the cheese stick! I love how they sat next to each other on their own - no prompting from mom or dad.

Here is Catherine, so happy that she could get into the grocery bags, find an apple, get it out of the bag and start chomping. I didn't realize until later that she took a tiny bit out of every apple. That's definitely something she learned from Ella.

My messy eater. Often times her food doubles as hair gel. It works suprisingly well!

We went on a hayride today and enjoyed some fall activities - hopefully I'll post some of those pictures later today, tonight, tomorrow....sometime!


chrissie k said...

my stars meggiepants! catherine is getting SO stinking big! both get more and more beautiful by the day. watch out...

blessings upon your travels to GCC this weekend. we will be thinking of you on saturday!

Crafty P said...

love the pics, Megan!!

Both of my kids have done that apple trick before. I just put them in the bowl anyway and hope they don't completely rot until we eat them.

Man, you have a seriously long post I have to catch up on!

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