Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween fun (con.)

Here are some pictures I tried to post withthe previous post. Sometimes Blogger just hates me. I always seem to have trouble with pictures and finding a format that I like. Half the time they don't show up after saying they've been uploaded. Much frustration. Anyway - above is Indian Princess Ella with lollipop. The one with all three of us isn't very good but it's the best we got. I wanted it to be Matt with them but Catherine won't sit still with him as long as I'm around - we tried it and she was just a black and red blur. All and all it was a nice Halloween. The weather was great - no need for creative bundling up - our neighborhood is small and we get a chance to talk to people we rarely see all year. Our night came to a sad end when Ella, while visiting friends a few minutes away, actually saw someone in a scary mask and was frightened to the point of trembling and begging to go home. I was surprised we made it that long!


Crafty P said...

So cute, Megan.

If you go into "edit html" when you're posting, you can move your pictures around to where you like them.

See if that makes any sense the next time.

groovy said...

thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through you--i've been enjoying all my friends blogs with their cute halloween pics b/c my parents were watching my kids during trick or treat and did not take a single one---

they are adorable. if you are anything like me you've eaten it all by now ;)


nay said...

cute pics megs! it was fun trick-or-treating at your house! i still need to post halloween pics on my blog. i love the "ella the indian princess" superhero! :)

greg. said...

i still think ella is one of the cutest children i have ever seen in my life, and i don't hand compliments like that out freely. seriously. and you can tell her i said so!

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