Friday, January 26, 2007

She eats!

We had a minor miracle in our home this week. Ella, who is typically a fairly picky eater (mac 'n cheese, chicken nuggets, fruit, yogurt, breakfast food, pizza, grilled cheese - pretty basic, no veggies or "different" types of food) decided that she would partake of the lovely food that mom had prepared. Not once, not twice, but FOUR dinners this week, Ella ate exactly what I had prepared. I'm still a bit in shock over it. Dinner at our house is me making something for Matt and myself and then at the last minute going "oh man, what are the kids gonna eat." It's a mix of us liking to eat food that isn't always kid friendly (I know, I know....they need to get used to it) and me just not having the energy or the time to fight with her at the end of the day. We do occasionally, but many nights Matt or I am heading out the door for something and we just want to eat in peace. I know most of you are sighing and thinking that I really need to buckle down and make her eat what I cook. I just say "she'll come around" - and not really believing it.

But this week she ate pork chop dinner (potatoes, carrots and pork chops cooked in tomato soup and seasonings....I did fib a bit and tell her it was chicken!), Southwestern Chicken Soup - our favorite winter soup that is full of beans, corn, tomatoes, green chilies, and chicken - it's even a bit spicy, she ate Spinach-Tomato Pasta Toss (baby spinach, diced tomatoes with Italian seasoning, italian sausage and mozzarella cheese tossed with penne). I have to pause there and say that I came very close to getting out the camera and taking a picture of my daughter willingly eating green vegetables AND saying "yummy, this is delicious" at the same time. Last night she ate corn flake chicken (not a new thing), but stopped short of eating strawberry spinach salad. That was fine....more for me!

Tonight is taco salad. She's never eaten red meat so who knows how that will go over. I might be able to make a soft taco with everything but the meat....

In honor of Ella's eating I am going to post the recipe for the southwestern soup. This is so easy and so good. We usually end up freezing half of it and it's reheats nicely.

Southwestern Chicken Soup
2 cups chicken broth
2 lbs cooked chicken - cooked and cut into pieces
1 can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 can pinto beans, rinsed and drained
2 cans (16oz) stewed tomatoes
1 can corn
1 can (16oz) tomato juice
1 can chopped green chiles
1 pkg each of taco seasoning and ranch dressing mix

Mix together in large pot and cook on medium until warmed through. Top with monterey jack cheese.

I know the pkg seasoning mixes are high in sodium. There are low sodium taco mixes and you can always make your own. I'm sure there are recipes online. You can make this in the afternoon and let is heat up on low all day long or throw it together at the minute. Also, tostito chips are another good topper!

P.S. - In case you were wondering about Catherine, her dinner usually consists of cucumbers and apple sauce. In other words....she's worse than her sister. Sigh...


Cindy said...

Isn't it great when they actually eat what you have prepared them. Derek is getting better about things. He still will not eat the staples like grilled cheese or french toast. He is into fish right now, which it totally weird for me I don't like fish at all. Sarah has always been a good eater so I rarely have to worry about her. Good luck with the eats I hope Ella keeps going. Try catherine now too so you can give up the short order cook thing. How could it hurt.
Love ya,

Crafty P said...

Congratulations. FOUR DINNERS????? Oh my goodness, that is a miracle, seriously. I so "love" dinnertime. We do have a pretty strict rule about eating what mommy cooks, but then again, for most nights, I cook what they'll eat 'cause Vinny isn't home to eat with us!

The soup sounds yummy, but definitely heartburn causing (actually, everything causes heartburn for me anymore). I do know of a lovely 'taco-esque' seasoning sold by one Crafty gal through Tastefully Simple, Megan. hmmmmm... Fiesta Party Dip Mix. It's more than just a dip!

glad to see you back and posting again!!! missed you!

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