Friday, March 16, 2007

Just some recent pictures of the kids!

Ella enjoying herself at a cooking birthday party. Happy 2nd Birthday Mackenzie!

Catherine enjoying herself outside on one of our nicer end of winter days.
Catherine holding her ears as Matt uses his band saw to cut something.

We've had some nice weather and are definitely ready for spring. On Wednesday it was 75 degrees and sunny out! It seems like a distant memory because we are currently in the midst of a ice/snow storm. Pretty yucky and messy out. Of course the deMontaigne's ventured out to Target this morning - we knew it was bad out because we were able to get a spot right up front .

It's been a long week. We all got sick at the end of last week and into the weekend. The yucky stomach flu kind. As I've noted before I hate this type of illness - it actually makes me feel very overwhelmed and depressed/anxious. I'm very glad it's passed, I just wish that I was able to deal with it better - its' part of life, but it's one part that I can't handle! Aside from all the seriously bad things that can happen like cancer and death and stuff. Not to make light of that - more to make fun of myself for freaking out about things that aren't a big deal in the big picture.

Well the kids are in bed and I think Matt and I are going to watch a movie - Casino Royale. Sorry for the rather dull post. Hopefully I'll come up with something more scintillating in the next few days!


Traci said...

I had a stomach bug this past week, and I was just praying that the kids wouldn't get it because I didn't want to deal with it. Ugh! The thought of cleaning that up....ugh!!! I thought spring was here to stay, but I guess not. We don't have snow or anything, but it's a lot colder than it has been. How was Casino Royale? My husband wants me to watch it with him. Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

renee marie kovalik said...

like the new look to your blog megs!

the pics of the girls are so cute... i love ella's chef hat - she did a very good job decorating it! nolan didn't want to keep his on... :)

so glad you guys are better from the evil stomach flu! yucky yucky yucky...

hugs :)

Karen G. said...

You have such beautiful girls. I forgot how much Catherine really looks like Matt. I'm sorry you were sick, but I'm glad you're on the other side of it now!

greg. said...

i like the new look of your blog. and cute doesn't even begin to describe ella. cutest little girl ever.


greg. said...

megan - this has nothing to do with your blog. i actually have a question about the system your church uses in its nursery for contacting the parents when there is an emergency. shannon seemed to think you have some kind of beepers or something. i am interested in talking to you if you use some kind of device like that. i am curious about how well they work and where you got it. could you write me or call me? or we can have this conversation right here on your blog. thanks.

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