Monday, April 02, 2007

More to come...

Today was a beautiful Spring day. Sunny and in the 70's. Tomorrow looks to be more of the same. The next day we have an Easter egg hunt and Ella is supposed to start soccer "camp". So of course it will be in the 50's and raining. Go figure. After that it's in the 40's and 50's for the rest of the week and weekend. So today we had to take advantage of the weather and spent the majority of the day outside. We spent the morning at the zoo with some friends and had a picnic lunch there. Then more outside play time at home until Catherine napped. Ella watched a little tv and then was back outside again until dinner time.

Did you catch that Ella is starting soccer? I'm so excited- it's a six week program that meets for one hour each week. I have no idea if she'll like or how she'll do, but I'm glad that she'll have a chance to try it at an early age. Of course I'm hoping she'll love it as much as I do and I'll get to be her coach at some point. This summer, she is also going to do a worship dance mini session with one of her favorite people, my friend Renee. She's always been very interested in dance, despite not being really graceful or anything. There's no chance that I could be a dance teacher, so that's why I'm hoping she'll enjoy soccer as well. I'll keep you posted.

I'm experimenting with uploading videos and then posting them on this site. So bear with me if you end with alot of viewing opportunities that aren't too interesting....until then, some candid pictures of the kids taken by our friend Joe -


renee marie kovalik said...

oh my gosh, i LOVE the pics of the girls that joe took! joe is awesome. that black and white of ella literally looks like a headshot that she would bring to a acting audition! (hmmm... hehe)
i can't wait to cheer ella on at her soccer practices/games and of course, i can't wait till she does worship dance. she'll be so beautiful!
love you!
xoxo :)

chrissie k said...

wa hoo to ella and soccer. we were just talking about that tonight - little kiddies and soccer. i'm looking forward to hearing how it goes.

greg. said... why not get her into a sport where she can use all four of her appendages? (virtually all of the other sports allow the use of arms and hands - a novel concept).

on the other hand, it could be a good thing, i mean, just in case she ever has her arms severed in some freak accident. then she won't be too disappointed because she'll be able to play!

sorry. my bias against soccer is difficult to contain. my most sincere apologies to you and all your soccer-loving friends.


mego said...

Greg- I'll renew my efforts to pray that Jack develops a deep passionate love for soccer. I'll have you know that in high school on of the top players on my team was a girl that only had one arm. Seriously

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