Sunday, August 19, 2007


We got back on Saturday from a week long vacation with my family to Ocean City New Jersey. It was a hectic, fun-filled week, with lots of beach time and late beach nights, good time with extended family and all the craziness that goes along with that. The weather was great and we're all nice and tan!
I'm not great about getting pictures up on my blog - it's usually feast or famine -well, today it's the biggest feast of all. Rather than spreading them out over a number of blogs I just posted a bunch of vacation pictures all at once and most likely this post will be filled with big chunks of open space and unevenness, which is what typically happens when I post pictures.

To start things off, Catherine turned two on Sunday, our first full day at the beach. We enjoyed a few presents and a yummy chocolate cake with peanut butter filling. Catherine was so excited when she saw her cake, she kept running around and pointing to it, saying "cake!". Below you'll see her taking seriously the task of blowing out the candles.

Here she is, waving to the papparazi

Monday was another day at the beach but we got to go to the boardwalk that night for rides! Here is a picture of Ella, Isaac and myself on one of those fun spinning rides that no adult was interested in going on (I'm including myself in that category - but what can you do!).

Ella and Catherine are enjoying their Kohr's orange and vanilla (with rainbow jimmies) cones.

Reading time with grandma and all four grandkids....

Our favorite time was heading back down to the beach after dinner. Ella loved the water so much and even Catherine became pretty fond of it. The water was rough and you had to keep your eye on them because the waves would take them down, but by the end of the week they didn't seem to mind going under anymore. You would have never guessed that Ella was petrified of getting into a pool at the beginning of the summer. Below is a shot of Ella, mid-jump, joining her Pap-Pap and Isaac in a little pool while Theo looks on.

Meanwhile, Catherine and I were flying a kite. Actually, we were just holding the handle, Matt did all the hard work.

Isaac and Ella in the waves

Not sure what Catherine was doing, but I loved this shot of her.
Another favorite Catherine shot...

One of the few pictures I got of the two girls together. Ella just looks way too old.

And of course, a picture of Matt and me.

After this Matt and I decided we needed some more quality time together. What better way to do that than to both get the stomach flu together!? Seriously, who does that happen to? That happened on Wednesday and it then spread to a few other unlucky family members. At this point Ella and Catherine escaped it, so we're counting our blessings. If they end up with it, then we'll have to find some more blessings to count in the midst of it!

Overall it was a fun week. Tough because of the illness, but we had special times with my family and now are eagerly awaiting the arrival of oot one, but two new additions to the Koerber family. Not only are Mike and Sharon due mid January, but Matt and Chrissie have number three on the way two months later.

Well, now I'm off to give relax and watch High School Musical 2. I have no excuse so I won't even try to come up with one....


renee marie kovalik said...

love all the pics megs!! ella and catherine both look so old...and beautiful!

Jon and I actually DID get the stomach flu together awhile ago - remember that? i too was like, "who does this happen to?" that nasty stomach flu...spreads rapidly! it was such a bonding experience throwing up at the exact same time in the middle of the night..... ahh memories... (ew!)

glad you had fun and are all back and recovering!

renee marie kovalik said...

P.S - i too, watched high school musical 2 (no excuse either...!)

Erin said...

You should make it three. :)
Pics are adorable! I figured you must be on vaca because i hadn't heard from you. you must comment on Sabra's victory!!
love you

Crafty P said...

guilty of watching high school musical 2 and singing ALL the songs as they're now stuck in my head!

sorry about the sickness, why do vacations always come with illnesses?

Looks like the beach was so much fun!

Tasha Antonia Hoover said...

Love you!! Great Pictures. You're right, Ella does look old in that one pic. How time flies... We miss you already. I too watched HIgh school Musical... What did you think? I wasn't that impressed (although it would be even more embarrassing if I was really impressed :) )

chrissie k said...

It's wild seeing my kids on YOUR blog. You two are such good picture takers. I'm wondering if you'll copy a CD for us as we got around to taking all of 2 pictures.... better than Mike and Sharon apparently!

Love you -- and really enjoyed that time with you.


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