Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall TV

Since you asked....well only Christina asked, but it was enough of an opening for me to do a post on the upcoming TV season.


Every time you turn on the TV there are promos running for all the new shows starting this fall. I tend to DVR much of what I watch so I don't see many commercials, but there are times (Football) when live TV is all that will do and I'm forced to watch the many many adds for the upcoming premiers.

On a side note, my current favorite commercials are the AT&T/Cingular dropped calls - there are a couple new ones out, one with a retired football player on a golf course talking to his wife and another between two men, possibly a butcher and his supplier. Both had me laughing out loud. For those of you who typically have to sit through commercials have you seen any particularly funny ones?

Back on track...I am interested in a couple new shows and want to check them out to see if they're any good.

Chuck - Mondays at 8pm on NBC. It was on last night but I had already seen the pilot because NBC made it available free ahead of time in almost every possible way (computer, Blockbuster, Comcast on Demand). Chuck is a lovable geek who works for at Best Buy type company. He accidentally downloads all the governments secrets into his head (stick with me here) and becomes a marked man. It's a funny geeky version of Alias - has some intense moments but always intertwined with lots of comic relief.

Pushing Daisies - Wednesdays at 8pm on ABC. I haven't seen this yet, but I have heard alot about it. The word on the TV scene (I know, I'm a complete dork, I admit it and accept it) is that it's like nothing else you'll see on TV, very whimsical, charming and very different. The basic premise is the main guy has the power to bring people back from the dead by touching them. But if he touches them again go back to being dead......FOREVER. Duh duh duh! The previews I've seen are very intriguing - very colorful and stylized - the overall look just seems different. I don't know what to say to make you interested other than if you are interested in shows that aren't your typical laugh track comedies or procedural crime shows, perhaps you would be drawn in by this. I'm curious so I'll be tuning in.

Bionic Woman - Wednesdays at 9pm on NBC. I'm 50/50 on this one. It's a remake of the original somewhat campy version. This one is darker and more intense. Basic idea - main girl gets in to major car wreck and is taken to secret lab by professor/researcher boyfriend. In order to save her life he remakes the injured parts of her body with bionics - some super science-y sounds things that make her all rough and tough and strong and fast and give her super senses. At one point in the pilot she does battle with a rouge Bionic woman who was supposed to be dead. I imagine there will be lots of of action and mystery and conspiracy. I figure since Alias is gone the Bionic Woman can be the new kick butt woman in my life! Maybe. If it's any good. I'll let ya' know. Or you let me know what you think. But for some reason I don't imagine many of my blog readers will be interested in this show.

Returning Shows
The shows that I am most excited for are....

The Office. Thursdays at 9pm on NBC. Two days left! I can barely wait. Not much to say except this show makes me laugh so much and I usually watch it twice.

Friday Night Lights. Friday nights at 9pm on NBC. I love this show so much. It makes me laugh, cry, smile, sit on the edge of seat in suspense. Basically a whole wide range of emotions will be experienced while watching and they all feel genuine rather than manufactured and contrived. Recently I received an email from my friend Cindy that made my day. She's been up late as a result of an inability to sleep comfortably which is a result of being 9 months pregnant! She said she caved in and started watching them online for free on NBC's website. And she's hooked! Nothing could have made me happier. Well, I guess world peace and the end to hunger and disease would make me unspeakably happier....I guess it made me just a little bit happy. I have a number of copies of first four episodes of Season 1 that I would be happy to give you if you were interested - or throw in the mail. And for those of you who already have a copy - and you know who you are - just do it. Just watch it! Have I ever led you astray?

I do like Grey's Anatomy but it fizzled a bit last season so I'm hoping it will come back better this year. Lost doesn't come back until February so I have nothing to say about that.

How about you? Do you have shows you regularly watch - ones that are on your must see list? Do you have shows you like to watch if you happen to be home and catch them while you're crashing on the couch? Are you going to take a chance on any of the highly publicized new shows - most of which won't even make it to a second season??? Let me know what you think!


Erin said...

I'm trying not to get too embroiled in too many shows. But I think I'm going to watch "Bones" and "CSI - LV" and "Dancing with the Stars" and limit it to that. Nothing new or exciting. Though, I have seen a couple of the "Pushing Daises" commercials and that looks interesting. And I was going to try and catch "Chuck" but I wasn't home on Monday. Maybe next week...

Love ya!

Dawn said...

hey megs - came on here to give you the link to my blog like you asked. www.jd-dicos.blogspot.com
and while I'm at it thought I would comment - I'm looking forward to and dreading the new season all at the same time. I love summer when I literally don't turn the tv on - - but yet I love when the new shoes start up! I usually get sucked into American Idol, Dancing w/ the Stars & The Bachelor - this year I decided to cut out DWTS - it's just too much reality tv! I was going to cut out the Bachelor but my group of email girlfriends all watch it and love to talk about it together, so I'm in! Jon really likes Friday Night lights but I've never seen it! Was it on a different night last year - it seems like I'd be upstairs watching something else while he was down there watching that. I have to get DVR!!! I too used to love Grey's but was a bit disappointed last year, so we'll see. One other GREAT show that is not on regular TV but is on Lifetime is "Side Order of Life" - it's on Sunday nights at 9:00 and I just love it!!

mego said...

Dawn - thanks for the link - I have to get you added to my list. I'm not a big fan of DWTS - I tend to get bored with it for some reason, but I love SYTYCD. Friday Night Lights was on Wednesdays last year and they moved it to Fridays supposedly to take away the confusion of the name. I have season 1 on DVD if you're interested in borrowing it.
Erin - let me know if you watch Pushing Daisies.
Last night was one of those nights when both Matt and I were wiped out and we ended up watching the show Dirty Sexy Money. It was actually really good and we were both surprised that we liked it. Exactly what I don't need - another show to like.

renee marie kovalik said...

i know, i know, i totally need to watch Friday night lights! i promise i've been meaning too... :)
i feel so bad that i haven't sat down to do that yet!

i'm excited for the office tonight!!! definitely one of my top shows. i also love Chuck... and i only catch dancing with the stars sometimes... not really into that as much (which is weird, you think i would!) in Januaray i'll watch 24, but other than possibly giving friday night lights a chance, and maybe pushing daisys (when does that start? did i already miss the premier?), i don't think i'm into anything else (definitely not bionic woman, no offense).... i'm trying to get better at reading (still! haha!) and doing some "good for my brain" things instead of watching too much tv.... and i'd rather watch only a few shows i'm really into, rather than a whole bunch that are just okay, ya know?
i can't believe you watched dirty sexy money!!! haha!!
oooohhhhh... okay, i must admit, i did catch the first episode of the bachelor!!! just my one really cheesy show that i'm sure i'll watch, but thank you for loving me anyway :) hehe.

mego said...

Renee, don't worry, it wasn't Dirty or Sexy! :)
I'll have to send you the link for one of my fav bloggers - she loves The Bachelor and Friday Night Lights - a morph of us!

stella g. said...

i'm a Scrubs addict. i know it's old-school, but i laugh out loud at every syndicated episode. all other shows i watch are netflixed, so i'm no fun to talk to. though i have watched 'gossip girl' a few times. i can't say i really like it, but somehow i keep watching...

chrissie k said...

You have to check out the pilot for "Dirty Sexy Money" -- absolutely fascinating! If you have a minute orr 45, watch it on ABC online. It wooed me... we'll see how it goes.

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