Thursday, May 22, 2008

Very Special K

This week I started doing the Special K diet. Please don't yell at me - I do need to lose a few pounds that are starting to accumulated around my mid section - don't judge until you've seen me in a swim suit! I did the Special K diet once a few years ago and I was actually able to stick to it for the two weeks - something pretty unheard of for me. I once tried a motified version of Atkins while I was pregnant to support Matt in his attempts and after one day (I literally was just avoiding bread with dinner and sandwhiches - it was soooo not truly Atkins) I caved and ate three pieces of bread - AT ONCE. I don't pride myself on my self control or discipline.

For some reason the Special K diet appeals to me. Probably because I like cereal and Special K with strawberries is quite yummy. Also, you can eat a normal dinner so I don't feel like I'm cutting anything out - basically I'm just trying to lower my calorie intake a bit and it help me be mindful of the mindless snacking I typically do on a daily basis.

Yesterday was our year end brunch for my MOTS group (MOPS for the rest of the country). Which meant that I was going to be faced with a number of egg casseroles, potato casseroles, french toast casseroles, and lots of sweets! So I decided yesterday that my brunch would be my dinner and I would just have cereal for lunch and dinner afterwards. It worked out fine yesterday, but by lunchtime today I was definitely looking forward to a break from Special K.

It was one of those nights when dinner ended up being a last minute decision and Matt went out to get one of the ingredients that was missing. He got a bit waylaid and was home pretty late so I didn't get dinner in the oven until late. It was a pretty simple chicken casserole served with steamed green beans and a pan of Pillsbury biscuits. Simple, but after four straight meals of cereal, my mouth was watering as the timer on the oven counted down.

After 4o minutes of waiting I pulled the dish out and pulled a piece of chicken onto my plate only to discover that it was still almost completely raw! I shoved everything back in the oven and then turned to see the Pillsbury biscuits sitting on the counter, fresh and warm and perfectly browned. They didn't stand a chance. I don't even want to tell you how many biscuits I ate - I'm actually not sure and you know that's not a good sign.

After an eternity or maybe just 30 more minutes the chicken was finally done and I ate a ginormous piece and now I feel way overstuffed and too full and I have no desire to eat any time soon. To tell you the truth I'm actually looking forward to more Special K tomorrow. I think I'll pretend this was all part of my plan!

Tune in next week to hear me groan and complain about how much I dispise the Special K diet - because I'm sure it won't be long before I'm there....


LifeatTheCircus said...

Hey good luck with that! I look forward to hearing how it works. How do you manage to eat cereal for lunch without the girls begging for some? I too love Special K with Strawberries and my kids love to eat the strawberries out, so I literally have to eat it in secret either after they are napping or when they are preoccupied I can sneak in a bowl. Isn't that awful? But it is kinda expensive to share when they don't even eat it all.

Courtney said...

Good for you Meg. I could def. not do that!
Should I stock up on some for your upcoming visit? :)

Steph said...

Haha, first, I definitely need to pick up some Special K - I didn't know they had kind with strawberries. Maybe because I haven't eaten much today, but that sounds SOOOOO good right now!

Second, thanks for your post on my blog. ANd know that you and Renee are absolutely awesome - you gave me good positive encouragement - not like other people who are ominious and act like they'd barter their kids up if they could. I said this to Renee - but you and Renee, both in person and on your blogs - evidently love your kids SO much - and that in and of itself is awesome encouragement to me. :) So thank you. ANd I appreciate any words of wisdom you guys pass along!

Rebecca said...

Hi Megan,

I found your blog through Crafty P's blog.

And I found the cereal diet story funny because I tried the Special K diet once, too, but I have cereal issues that prevented it from being very successful.

Here's why: I really don't like milk that much. But I can't eat cereal without it. So I put enough milk on my cereal to get it good and wet and then when all the cereal runs out I am forced to fill the bowl again to soak up the extra milk. Because dumping it down the drain would be wasteful and drinking it would be vomit inducing (to me anyways).

By the time I am done, I've eaten half a box of cereal.

Not good for the diet.

I believe the word moderation is what I am missing.

So that's my story. I could try less milk in the first place, but that would be too easy.

By the way, I'm Rebecca. New to the blog world. I've enjoyed reading yours, but have never commented because well, I'm a total stranger to you and that could be weird.

Cindy said...

well Meg, I too need to loose some of the weight around the middle. At least your thinking about putting on a bathing suit, I am not even contemplating shorts. Maybe its time I look into special K, I see they have vityamin water too, but that could get expensive. Don't you find that to be the case you want to diet but to do it right costs a fortune. I hope all is well with the special K diet. See you soon.

Crafty P said...

I knew as you started out that those biscuits were goners. ha! too funny.

I wish you could lose weight with HOney Nut Cheerios. Gosh, I love those things.

stella g said...

you are too funny, Megan. great post. so we'll be seeing some Special K at our weekend in July? :)

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