Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beach, Birthday and Bug Bites

This past weekend was one that I had been looking forward to for awhile now. No, not Father's Day, although I am blessed with a wonderful father and a husband who is a wonderful father to our girls. No, it wasn't my birthday, which just so happened to my 31st AND on the same day as Father's Day - can you say anticlimatic?!

What I was looking forward to see this weekend was a few days at the beach with good friends. The kids went to stay with Matt's family, so it made our trip just that much more relaxing. A weekend away from our kids happens for us maybe once or twice a year, so I was just excited about going to bed late, sleeping in, eating whenever I felt like it, relaxing on the beach with no interruptions - I'm sure there are many more. The weather over the weekend was gorgeous and we spent hours at the beach each day.

Here is a cute picture of me, Renee and Rachael hanging out on the beach.

We didn't actually hang out like that though - just for pictures! If you look at all the pictures from the weekend, it looks like that's the majority of what we did - take pictures. We were all in silly moods one night and took tons of posed pictures up on the roof. Yup, on the roof. Probably not the safest thing, but it was fun. Renee and Rachael are both super photogenic and both have spent time modeling as children. Not really, but it's the only way I can save face because in all the pictures they are sporting cool model-like poses and I'm kind of the goofball looking like I don't have a clue - every picture has at least one version when I'm doing the opposite of everyone else or my hair is in front of my face.

It was so nice to spend time with some of my closest friends and be silly and goofy and serious without worrying about entertaining Ella and Catherine. Of course I missed them the entire time, but it's nice to have some time away so I am able to miss them. Matt had heard from our parents how well they did, especially Ella (Catherine was missing mom a bit). On our way to pick them up on Sunday we were remarking on how happy we were that they were able to be away from us and do so well. I turned to Matt and said "you do know that this means they're going to be in horrible moods the whole way home." I wish I wasn't right, but I was. The excitement of their weekend wore off as soon as they got in the car with us and I spent the trip in full on entertainment mood - songs, food, (I was so desperate for the them to be happy that I gave them chocolate covered pretzels. The mess wasn't worth the few minutes of peace.) I-Spy and anything else I could think of to keep them happy.

Like I said before, turning 31 is pretty anticlimatic. Turning 31 on Father's Day is really anticlimatic. Thankfully I have good friends who made every effort to make me feel special and celebrated - is it bad to admit that I like that? Over gifts, I just like having a little bit of time when I feel special. Saturday at the beach we went out to dinner and then afterwards Rachael and Renee gave me some wonderful gifts that will get alot of use this summer. Renee also made me a beautiful cake at 11:00pm, and I think we actually ate it after midnight on my birthday. A true friend is one who will make a cake late at night after a long dinner that involved a few bottles of wine and lots of food. I told Renee I probably would have stuck a candle in a cookie! I feel like the whole weekend was a birthday present to me - being in bed at 9am....priceless.

Finally, to round out my post I have to comment on the bug bites that Catherine got while she was away. I've never seen anything like them. That is, until I googled mosquito bites on Google Images. And then I saw a lot of pictures that remind me of Catherine's legs. She has bites the size of silver dollars that are hard and oozy and scabby. It is painful for me to even look at them. Has anyone else experienced that with their kids? There isn't much we can do for her except give her Benadryl and put cream on them and watch them for infection. I'm going to have to invest in some good bug repellant, but I don't think I want something too harsh for her skin. Any suggestions?

I'll leave you all with my favorite picture of me and Matt from the beach weekend. Please ignore the large bruise on my arm. I'm not lying when I say I'm the goofy clueless one. I remember running into something at some point...I think.


renee said...

awww, it was the BEST weekend!!! I had so much fun with you guys, and I'm so very blessed with the bestest of friends. I sincerely hope your birthday was as special as you are because you are one special woman! We absolutely have to do that again. Oh, and you take beautiful pictures so never think otherwise :)
Love you so much!

Erin said...

Geez, Meg, H.O.W. many bottles of wine were involved if you *think* you ran into something at some point?? :) Just kiddin'

Megan said...

Perhaps I should have clarified that - the bruise was from days before the beach and no wine involved - but it's not out of the normal for me to have run into something and not remember at all!

LifeatTheCircus said...

Great picture of you and Matt!
I can relate to being the one friend who isn't as photogenic as the rest. But you did a great job of posting pics that you look great in!!
I also LOVE my birthday and can't believe I didn't list that in my 100 things about me... ugh, seriously, I hear you when it isn't about the gifts as much as feeling special. I actually count down to my birthday for weeks. I am as bad actually worse than my kids.

Kristen M. said...

This is not official medical advice but the last time that I had bad mosquito bites I put aloe on my arm and by the next morning the bites were gone. I was "treating" sunburned arms but apparently it worked for the bites too. Both my daughter and I tend to have allergic reactions to mosquito bites and we usually swell up the way you are describing.

Courtney said...

So so fun!! I'm jealous....but you all deserve it. Glad you had fun, and Happy (belated) Birthday!

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