Friday, April 23, 2010

Random bits

We've been keeping busy enjoying all the beautiful weather we've been blessed with these last few weeks. The girls have spent hours and hours playing with the neighbor boys and there are sidewalk chalk drawings up and down, not only our sidewalk, but the neighbor's as well!

Matt and I are in week 5 of our P90x workout/eating regime. So far so good. I'm definitely sticking with the workout part of it more strictly than the eating. I have been doing well curbing my tendency to snack throughout the day, but when I fall I tend to fall hard. Case in point, I made homemade chocolate chip cookies (what was I thinking, baked goods are definitely one of my weak points) and took them to our small group meeting last night. I lost track of how many cookies I ended up eating!

Another random bit of news. I am slowly coming to grips with the reality that Matt is going to buy a (used) truck. This has been developing for a long while now and I voiced my strong opposition to it, but apparently he has not been persuaded by my fine arguing skills! If anything his obsession with craigslist and other used car sites persuaded me to not make a fuss over it anymore, because after a year plus of it I realized he was not giving up. So I grew up in Central Pennsylvania in a small town where hunter's safety was a required course in middle school and we got off of school for the first two days of hunting season every year and we always got tons of snow every winter - all that time, my family never had a truck. Now, living 15 minutes from the biggest mall on the east coast, smack dab in suburbia, I am soon to be a truck owner. Still can't picture myself cruising around in the truck when Matt's home with the kids and I'm out running errands. I may come to love it, but then again, I may become even more grateful for my minivan!

Finally (nothing like a completely random blog post to catch up on a few weeks of absence)...Ella is definitely one of those kids who gets caught up in having the latest and greatest cool thing. The other day she said something to Matt and me that topped all her other requests...

"Mom, when I'm old enought have a cell phone, I want an iPhone. Just so you know."

Seriously, her words exactly. What do you do with a six year old who says that?! After laughing out loud, I told her that she would have to have a job that would pay for the iPhone......but to myself I said, puh-lease child, there is no way you are getting an iPhone before your dad does! :)

Have a great weekend!


Renee said...

yay for the truck! i'm all for it, since i know we'll smuggle some use out of that as well... hehe :)
can't wait to go for a ride in the back!!!!

Teri said...

A truck won't be so bad - you'll be good as gold next time you need some furniture moved or delivered! Besides, there are two kinds of trucks out there...redneck trucks and stylin' trucks. Which kind is Matt getting? ;)

Happy said...

If it's a Toyota truck (like the awesome Tacoma) you will love it! I think all other trucks fall under Teri's first class of trucks. :) Lol. But I'm slightly biased!

I for one enjoy driving a pick up now and again.

You live near the King of Prussia mall? Wow. Is it awesome? Do you frequent it often?

An funny. My tweens want an Ipod Touch. But so do I. Wonder who will get one first? Hmnn...

And congrats on being so devoted to your P90X eating/workout regime! Sounds hardcore!

Megan said...

Well I know for sure it isn't a stylin' truck, but I don't know if it's too country either. I think if falls in the category of utilitarian - you know, like a contractor would have. Very appropriate for a pastor! ;)
And no, it is not a Toyota :(

Renee, I didn't see your comment until after Saturday night- yes, I do imagine you'll be getting some use out of it! said...

hee hee.. love the iphone comment. my youngest walks around carrying a calculator which she calls her iphone.

branded early i am afraid.

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