Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Monday

I was so excited about this week's hearty and comforting meals that I had to share them!

Snow is in the forecast and that had me craving warm hearty meals that would warm us up after braving the cold outdoors.

Tonight I was all set to cook but Matt's going to be away until bedtime getting a snow plow attached to his truck. No, there's not that much snow coming, it's a work thing, but let me tell you I am even less excited about driving the truck around. I am already nervous about parking it as it is but now I will have a nice plow in the front and an extended bed in the back. Yay. So tonight will be whatever I scrounge up for the kids and myself. (I'm curious if anyone else skips cooking (and by cooking I mean, a real meal that you've planned, not like breakfast for dinner or spaghetti which are two standard fill ins when it's just me and the kids) when their spouse is gone? It might just be me but knowing that the one other person who will really enjoy the meal is gone takes a ton of my motivation away.)

Tuesday - Chicken and Vegetable Dumpling Soup I dare you to click on the link and not want to make this soup right away. It looks incredibly delicious and healthy. Perfect perfect for a snowy day!!! I can't wait for the way this makes the house smell :)

Wednesday - Kalua Pork - This is one of my favorite ways to cook pork. So easy and so yummy. I plan on serving it plain accompanied by broccoli and some sort of red potato (mashed, roasted, any suggestions?)
Thursday - Classic Italian Lasagna - In case you haven't noticed all three recipes are from Mel's Kitchen Cafe. I know I say it all the time, but I LOVE her recipes! Anyway, this lasagna looks so yummy and is different from a traditional lasagna because it doesn't use ricotta cheese. I am a ricotta cheese fan, but I have to admit it's not my favorite part of a lasagna so I am super excited - I am hoping to have found my go-to-lasagna (I tend to rotate a few different recipes, or make a combination of a veggie/traditional meat one).

Friday -Sunday - I never plan real well for the weekends because, well, it's the weekend! But too often that leads to last minute dinners that end up costing more money and aren't as healthy or yummy. My plans for those nights include leftover pork in the form of BBQ sandwiches, Spinach Ricotta Pie, a family favorite growing up and a relatively inexpensive vegetarian dish, and most likely pizza, because who I am kidding, it's not a weekend without pizza at least one night!
What are your favorite meals to make during these cold winter months? Let me know if you post any recipes so I can come check them out!


Happy said...

I added the Chicken and Dumpling soup recipe to my favorites. It looks so good! The lasagna looks good too, I am not a ricotta cheese fan so that is a good way to go for me.

I bet your house is the place to be this week Hope Ella is on the mend and everyone is warm and cozy with full bellies!

Crafty P said...

I'm making PW's stuffed shells this weekend. I'm not BIG on ricotta, but I don't mind it. I bet Happy would like it sweet, like canolli type filling. I have recipe for her to try sometime...

menu sounds great!!

S-Organic said...

All sound good...even from a veggie! I desperately need to start cooking more meat for Landon!!
You inspire me! Love you lots!

chrissie k said...

That chicken and dumpling is one of my fave recipes.... and I think I've already shared how MUCH i love Mel's lasagna. Here's a silly Koerber question... what's the recipe for the spinach ricotta pie? I would be Matt's favorite wifey ever if I made it (at least ONCE in his lifetime!)

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