Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snow Days

We've enjoyed a number of fun snowy outings to nearby hill that is perfect for sled riding. It's fast enough to be super fun for the kids but not steep enough to be really dangerous. I'm still a bit scarred from watching a kid smack into a tree at a really big hill a few winters ago.
I love the snow, but not so much this icy slushy rain stuff we've had this week. And I don't love how quickly our school district cancels school without building any snow days into the schedule. But I do love a good snow and I love having a hill nearby that is our go to place.

Yay for snow and sled riding!

Ok, now I'm ready for Spring!

1 comment:

Happy said...

I echo your last sentiment.

That picture collage is awesome! I have to try that!

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