Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Catch Up

I have badly neglected my blog this summer. It has been a busy summer, but that's no excuse! We really have had a lot of fun and I can't let the summer pass by without sharing some of it!

Starting with....Vacation!

I know I did a mini post on our beach vacation with my family but I added a few more pictures because everyone knows that's where the real fun is!

It was a great week. The weather was great, we were right on the ocean, close enough for the older kids to walk to and from the beach by themselves (assuming people from our group were already there - I'm not that low key), the cousins all played together wonderfully - no fighting all week.

It was very relaxed - we stayed late at the beach, ate late dinners, watched World Cup soccer, went for ice cream, went to the boardwalk, drank wine, watched the sun set, watched the full moon over the ocean, dug holes in the sand complete with steps for the kids to walk down, snuggled babies, watched fashion shows (bottom right is an example), flew kites (no that is not a giant bird attaching Matt, that is our super cool dragon kite) and much more.

To sum it up, it was a treasured week of time with my whole family. So thankful!!


Crafty P said...

aw, Missed you megs, But I've been a bit absent lately, too. Love the beach pictures... we really need to get there sometime. Our kids keep asking WHEN!!!

Renee said...

love all the pictures!!!
(hopefully there will be some more soon to post when i FINALLY finish editing yours!!) :)

love your family vacation at the beach every summer... love your family.
always seems like you guys have such a great time, making wonderful memories.

oh and we love coming and crashing ;)


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