Thursday, February 01, 2007


Since I haven't been posting any pictures lately - I figured I would bombard you with a bunch. I'm sitting here watching Grey's Anatomy so I might be a bit distracted - oh no George is acting all weird - is he sick or is he regretting his impulsive marriage. Holy crap, they're all down....Ok hope that didn't spoil anything....
So they above picture is a shot of the cake I made the other night as a part of my cake decorating class. I missed a week so I was just concentrating on learning how to do the roses. I was pretty happy with how they turned out. I think I'm a bit ADD because I was supposed to put white dots on it and flowers along the border and I just felt like going home - so I did.

Here is Catherine looking stinkin' adorable. She's growing up so quickly!

Here are the kids all bundled up to go out in below zero (wind chill) weather. Catherine was waving hi to me as I took the picture!

And then Ella - one of the few pictures of her real smile, not her fake pirate smile (have I posted one of those? She is grimacing and has one eye kind of squinty - likes she's going "aaargggg"- that's often the face she makes when you ask her to smile. ).
So enough with the pictures. I did decide on Ella's preschool. A few days ago in fact, just now getting a chance to post. Interestingly enough, most of you advised going for the cheaper and closer one - which is what we ended up doing. I had basically decided on Lower Providence (the one we ended up picking) because of the money and the fact that when Catherine and Ella were both in preschool we could send the girls the same days rather than alternating and having no chill days as a family. But then at Bible study the next day I was told that in all likelihood FCA (the school located at the church where I do Bible study and the one that was a bit nicer) would offer a Pastor discount. Who knew?! So I found out that we could get a 25% discount making the price difference between the two $5/month. It was hard because I thought that God must be leading us towards FCA but as Matt and I continued to process and pray about it, we still felt that Lower Providence was a better choice for our family. In the end I feel like God gave me a gift because I felt like we were making a choice based primarily on money and I just get sick of having everything be about money. Sometimes I just don't want to have to worry about money. So even though it played a small factor (the $ went up a ton when you go 3days/week when they turn four) it wasn't the deciding factor and it made me more confident in the decision we made. So thank you God for Pastor's discounts! :)
Now you know more about picking a preschool than you ever wanted to. Thanks for adding your input.
On to something silly. I saw this posted on myspace and it just made me giggle. So even if you don't actually post it on your blog, I dare you to resist....
2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle.)Megizzle
3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (fav color and fav animal)Blue Dog
4. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, and current street Kathleen Second
5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first
name, last 3 letters of mom's maiden name)Demmegil (seems more LOTR to me)
6. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink).Green Cosmo
7. YOUR IRAQI NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, any letter of your middle name, 2nd letter of your moms maiden name, 3rd letter of you dads middle name, 1st letter of a siblings first name, last letter of your moms middle name)Emkiwmn
8. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mothers middle name)Jean
9. YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one your pets]Black Goldie


Cindy said...

I love your cake and sometimes its not ADD its I just want to go home so don't knock youself!

Don't you love when something comes together like preschool decisions God is truly good!

I'll post my nine names now go check it out.

Crafty P said...

Megan - that rocks about the preschool decision. See how amazing God can be! So good.
I love your cake. I prefer to look at this way... You wanted to be different and not have your cake look uniform to everyone else's. See, and it does look beautiful! I suppose you get to eat it now?

Love the names thing... if I remember I'll post it!

renee marie kovalik said...

LOVE the 9 names megizzle! the pics are adorable. i can't get over how cute catherine looks in her pigtails! i love my buddys....
good choice about preschool. i'm proud of you guys. you'll appreciate those days together at home when catherine goes, i'm sure...
love ya,
renizzle :)

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