Friday, February 23, 2007

When you know you're a dork....

There are times when it's just confirmed. This was one of them.

I have been taking Master's level classes in Biblical Counseling for hmmm...about 4 years now. It's kind of funny because people in my current class assumed that I was pretty far along in the program - which is far from the truth - it's been two years since my last class. But I'm at the point where I felt ready to get back into it and this class - Essential Qualities of a Biblical Counselor - is only 8 weeks long and involves self evaluation and writing rather than a book list so I figured I could handle that.

Anyway - the last hour of the class is spent in counseling. We are paired up with a person and we switch from week to week on who is the counselor and who is the counselee. Last week was my first time as the counselee and we were talking a bit about how I have become more of a worrier (sp?) and more anxious since I've been a mom. The conversation went like this....

Her: Do you know where it was said "All that I have feared has come to pass"?

Me (seriously): Oh yeah, wasn't that in the Lord of the Rings?

Her: No, it was Job.

Me (still serious): Well I'm pretty sure it was in the Lord of the Rings too!

Yeah, that pretty much clinched it.


renee marie kovalik said...

i love it. megs, it's nice to know you can have those moments :)
i feel i have them way too often.....
love you!

Tasha Antonia Hoover said...

hilarious... :)

greg. said...


i love this story! it is awesome. i love it when people's life experiences are communicated through and seen through the lens of lotr. i mean, c'mon, that's not a bad thing.

if you are going to get your scripture confused with a movie script or book, lotr is not a bad choice!


Karen G. said...

that's classic, megan. i love it. :)

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