Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hi ya'll

I wish I had another interesting (I guess that might be pushing it a bit) to share, but it's just been another week of copy with this apparent phase that Ella is going through which results in lots of whining, fussing and back talking. The last post I described it as a mood, but after a week straight of it I think we've moved into a phase.

I had something totally different in mind to post tonight. But that would have involved stringing together coherent sentences and that would require a train of thought - just don't think I have it in me. We're having a Young Life bonfire tonight and the kids are all out back playing charades and having fun. After putting Ella and Catherine to bed I slipped out to the back yard to talk to Matt and one of the girls said "awwwww - you're in your pj's!". Yep, it was 8:30, a bunch of teenagers were in my backyard and I was in my pjs (which, thanks to Renee, were very cute and not all embarrassing.) with my glasses on. I imagine some of those kids were thinking ".....hmmm, get married and have kids???? if this is what it does to you, not so sure I'm interested." That's what having two kids has done to me. Instead of being outside socializing (again, it's teenagers and I'm not actively leading YL anymore, so it's not totally pathetic) I would rather be inside in my comfy jamies, lounging on the couch. Anyone with me on that?

So basically you all (and by all I mean ALL ten of you - for whom I am very grateful!) get to read bits of randomness from our household.

In list format to help me concentrate.

1. I recently posted on fall TV. So to update, so far I am enjoying Chuck and Pushing Daisies - both entertaining and fun in very different ways. I tried Bionic Woman, but I'm just not sure I'll stick with it. Another show that kind of pulled me in (I seriously tried to resist) is Dirty Sexy Money. The main character sets the tone for the show and makes it compelling. As for returning shows I've been pleasantly surprised by Grey's Anatomy and hope it continues to improve over last season. I've been loving The Office and of course "PB&J" but I feel like the hour long episodes have been dragging a bit and some of the jokes are a bit broad and not as subtle (Michael in the lake, going back for the gift basket -really those are the two main things). I'm ready for 30 minutes episodes where I want more at the end. Friday Night Lghts just premiered last Friday and was wonderful. There were a couple of lines in it that were hysterical and a couple of points that had me close to tears. It's just that good.

So what shows have you enjoyed these past few weeks? Which ones have let you down? I'd love to hear from you...

2. What I'm reading: Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. I've heard good things about this book for awhile and just picked it up today and already find it very intriguing. Ok, I posted that picture from Amazon and wanted to make sure you know you can't really look inside. From my sight at least. On Amazon you can go right ahead and look inside.

3. This should have been number one because I'm very excited about it. But this list is not in order according to priority or importance or excitement level. Anyway, tomorrow Matt and I are going to see Shane and Shane and Bebo Norman in concert. So excited! I've been waiting for their (Shane and Shane) new album to come out and hoped to have it beforehand so I could really enjoy the concert but Matt insisted that we wait and buy it there. I guess our concert preferences are different - I like to be pretty familar with the album that the band is most likely going to be playing from before I go. Matt....not so much. How about you? Do you have an opinion?

4. Preschool does not really cost $_/month. It cost $_/month plus field trips and school pictures and fundraisers and special snack days. I was not prepared for this at all. I should have been warned. Feeling very thankful right now that we went with the cheaper, I mean, lower costing, preschool.

5. Tomorrow is Ella's school picture. I am struggling over which package to buy. I wouldn't mind having some wallets to give people and 5X7's for grandparents to proudly display. The problem is what if it's not a good picture. I mean, this is her first time I have no clue if she'll smile sweetly or give a big goofy pirate grin. As much as I love the pirate grin I'm not sure I want 16 wallets of it. Who wants to bet that we'll get 16 wallets with a beautiful pirate face?

Well five is enough for tonight. Next time I'll have to tell you about the two southern women whose blogs I stumbled upon and now love and I've even listened to their podcast. Afterwards I say ya'll alot.


Mike, Sharon, & K├╝rbis Koerber said...

If you end up with too many Ella Pirate smile pics, we would definitely take one. Also, if you still have Friday Night Lights season 1 on DVD or anything and wanted to send it to us, we would probably give in and give it a try.
- Mike

Erin said...

I absolutely MUST buy the CD, listen to it from start to finish in its entirity and play it non stop until i go to the concert. Otherwise, i do not enjoy myself at all. I take it Matt isn't into singing along??

mego said...

THank you Erin - I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in wanting to immerse myself in an album before hearing it live. Matt does not really care about singing along! \

Mike - you'll definitely get a pirate picture and I may even throw in some FNL as well!

renee marie kovalik said...

i'd choose being in my p.j's, loungin' on the couch any day!! glad your p.j's are coming in handy - i'm sure you look beautiful in them.

i also love pushing daisies and chuck - both great shows! other than that, the office (but i agree on the wanting 1/2 hour episodes back), and i still want to get into friday night lights - (i promise....seriously... no joke) :)

i also want to know the CD before listening to the band play live - i think it's much more enjoyable that way (same with for a broadway show), so i'm definitely right with you there!

i TOTALLY want an ella picture! pirate grin or no pirate grin... we'll take it and display it proudly! :)

Tasha Antonia Hoover said...

I am so bummed... I wrote a comment and then the internet timed out. Anyway... I said I loved the pirate face comment. Laughed out loud kind of funny. Totally did "Fri. Night Lights." Great show people!!! Love you Meg! Thanks for the post.

Jodie said...

I'm definitely with you on getting on to the 30-minutes Office episodes!

Sarah said...

Megan, I read that book and did enjoy it. I was also in the middle of Peru and don't speak spanish so couldn't read newspaper, watch any TV, or listen to any radio. Of course I was on vacation with my friend (also named Megan) who speaks both English and Spanish. Also I must let you know that I too have been known to be in my pjs at very early hours . . . the earliest is the minute I get home from work. And of course when I have jet lag and fall asleep by 7:30pm I am always in my pjs early. When you are 30 I do not think that you should worry about what teenagers think. They need adults who are stable role models and comfortable in who they are no matter what is going on around them. So you should be good. Enjoy the concert!

Crafty P said...

shane and shane- love them, too. we have one album and listen to it often. I saw a new christmas cd by bebo on Friday, wonder how it is!

seriously, you must watch Rules of Engagement. Why haven't you watched that yet? Patrick Warburton- aka Puddy- sooooo hysterical!

I've been loving the new Over the Rhine CD- soooooo good.

I'd love to see Ella's pirate grin when you get them back! Gosh, I wonder if they take pictures at Gabriel's school. Haven't heard about that yet!

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