Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

Here's some pictures from our fun night of trick or treating. I spend too much time reading other blogs tonight to be able to write much on my own, but I figured I could get a few shots posted from our night.

Here's our pumpkins. Not as fancy as last year's attempts, but definitely much quicker doing it this way.

Catherine dressed up as a cheerleader. She was very enthusiastic with her pom-poms at first and also very unwilling to put on a nice long sleeve shirt that would keep her warm. So yes, she went out sleeveless! For some reason sneakers were bothering her so we had a little battle over that and I really drew the line at letting her go out without shoes. So I bribed her with the prospect of candy. Never fails.

Ella gladly put on her butterfly costume (ok, it's more like a fairy, but the headband/antennae push it towards butterfly) a few times today. I imagine she'll be wearing it again sometime soon.

I couldn't pass up a chance to post a picture of Ella looking directly at the camera, smiling, with both eyes open. Honestly, a minor miracle.

One of these things is not like the other!
You have to give Renee props for letting it all hang out! (And I mean that only in that she's showing her belly. Renee obviously has the pregnancy glow that I was never blessed with in my pregnancies!) Doesn't it look like she's really holding a pumpkin? (Again, I have to make sure you all know it's not really a pumpkin but her belly. My mom wanted me to send this picture on to Mike and Sharon (due in January) b/c they'd get a kick out of it. I said that I thought they would see it on the blog but she wasn't sure they would know that Renee wasn't holding a pumpkin. So you never know. And now you do! ) Hard to believe she's almost 9 months pregnant (aside from the pumpkin, er, belly)!
Sorry about all those additional parentheses.

A few friends came over to do a little trick or treating on our block. We have Ella the fairy butterfly, Nolan the puppy, Wyatt as Bob the Builder and Catherine the cheerleader!

It was a fun night and we always enjoying seeing our neighbors and staying out late with the kids. We drove around to some friends' houses as well and got some special treats to finish off the evening. So now we have two pumpkins full of candy that I am supposed to hide before I go up to bed. But not before I sneak just one more snickers.


stella g said...

how absolutely adorable! it looks like the kids had a fabulous time!

Erin said...

n. was a cheerleader too! i actually didn't get to take her trick or treating because i had fly out to philly to bring m. home...still a good day.

chrissie k said...

i love it!! they look great... and isaac thought so too!

Dawn said...

great pics! that pic of Renee is great! I did realize it was her belly! That's a riot that she did that...

Crafty P said...

great pics! congrats on getting Ella to look at the camera- I know what it takes to get them to look at the camera. I'm still working on max!

there's so much chocolate around here!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh

Nancy said...

Your girls are so cute, Megan!
Thanks for the CCEF tip. My Bible study has actually been using the little booklets that CCEF puts out as weekly, self-contained studies. I'd be interested in knowing if you think getting the cds of the conference would be worth it.

renee marie kovalik said...

we had so much fun with you guys that night! i love how the kids were all excited together... we should make that a yearly tradition :)

i just HAD to paint my belly like a often will i get to have a belly shaped like a pumpkin, right? (well, hopefully never again as long as i get the weight off - haha!) - that picture is so funny though!

love you!

Sarah said...

Renee's belly is HILARIOUS! Loved it. From your previous blog entry . . . how was your trip? Did you end up finding good books to read?

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