Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Toys Worth Buying

I had been hoping to get this post up earlier, but I was obsessed with finishing Twilight and couldn't be distracted (aside from feeding the kids and all that stuff!).

Anyway, Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer is doing a WFMW Best Toys Edition. I figured I would take a few minutes to share some of ours. My girls, Ella and Catherine, are 5 (almost) and just over 3. These are toys that both of them have loved and not gotten tired of playing with over time.

The first is the Play Wonder Kitchen found at Target. (click on the picture to link to the site)

The version we have is blue and red and a little different because it's a few years old. I think this one looks like it has a few adjustments that changed the price from $99 to $129. Still very reasonable for a wooden kitchen. Also, on Black Friday it was marked down at least $10. Every kid, boy or girl, that comes over loves playing with this kitchen. Also, it's not obnoxiously big like many of the play kitchens currently out there.

To go with the kitchen I love the various Play Wonder and Melissa and Doug wooden food sets. It does cost a bit more, but I think it's worth it. Many of them have velcro so the pieces can attach together - to make a pizza, a sandwich or a birthday cake.
There are many different options and Play Wonder sells much of their food in little carriers that are great for storing the food in the kitchen and transporting it around the house (which is what my girls love to do!).
Another favorite is the Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse. Again, my girls love it and it's one of the most played with toys they have, AND all their friends want to play with it too. The furniture that you can get to go with it is so sweet and adorable. I have to admit that a few times after the girls have gone to bed I have set all the furniture up the right way. I promise I haven't gone as far as actually playing with the family by myself...yet! They sell way more furniture sets than actually fit in the house, but I have a small tupperware bin that we put the furniture in and they set it up according to what they're feeling that day.

Obviously this dollhouse is filled to the max with accessories, but you really don't need that much to start with. Most stores sell them with a room of furniture included and you can gradually add to it. Plus, you can find older versions of the furniture at yard sales and consignment sales for pretty cheap. Also, on Black Friday Toys R Us had them on sale for buy one get one free - a great deal if you're craziness enough to go out shopping (obviously I am!).
This can be found at all the normal stores, Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, etc, so I didn't put a link to any specific place. I did find that it was sold out online as Christmas approached, but I did see them in stock in the stores.
Those are a few of our favorite toys. To get more ideas head over to Shannon's for this week's themed edition of Works for Me Wednesday!


Crafty P said...

those look like great toys. don't think we'll be seeing them under our tree anytime soon though!

i love anything melissa and doug make. and there's always amazing deals on their stuff on the amazon friday sale! fyi.

looking forward to pouring through the list over at Rocks in my Dryer

Rebecca said...

I love all your suggestions. Noah and Caroline are getting a kitchen for Christmas with some "accessories" but I haven't decided yet on which kitchen. Our babysitter has the Step 2 one and they love it. LOVE it. I can't wait to get them one.

Love the dollhouse...I look forward to the day when Caroline is ready to play with I can play with her!!!!

I have never gone shopping on Black Friday. This is usually because I am required to be at work and it's the end of the year and all my vaca/personal days are used up. I long to join the craziness one year, though.

Good post, Megan.

Jenn said...

Good Post! I'm really struggling with what to get Alex for christmas, particularly because I feel like we hardly get our money's worth out of the toys we already have with the small time she plays with them. I'd been contemplating a doll house, and now I'm leaning towards it. Thanks!

Rebecca said...

A little off topic, Megan, but would you mind sharing that soup recipe with me??? The one that is super easy??


Perhaps we should exchange emails or something since I'm not making it on Facebook anytime soon.

Teri said...

Too cute! I wish I had little girls to give those to! I am now picturing you sitting cross-legged in front of the doll house, setting it all up! LOL :)

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