Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Roundup

The last of our nonbusy weekends is gone.

From here on out it's go go go until after New Years! I have to admit that as someone who has introverted tendencies that seems a bit daunting, but it's all things that I am looking forward to doing and people I am looking forward to seeing.

So how did we spend this weekend? In typical deMontaigne fashion we did nothing too exciting at all.

Friday night was exciting for me because I got to go see the movie Twilight. I went with my friend Rachael and two of her work friends that are equally addicted. We ordered the tickets online last week and were going to an early showing because Rachael had to leave that night to go out of town. The theater was five minutes from my house and the movie started at 4pm. I figured leaving at 4 gave me plenty of time to get there, park and meet up with them to get my ticket. At 3:45 Rachael called and said that the electricity was out at the theater but they were giving them passes to go to anothe theater nearby, but 10 minutes further than the one we planned on going to. I continued to get ready to go and five minutes later Rachael called back saying that it was for the 4:15 showing. Of course that meant I had to go flying out the door in a bit of a panic to get there on time. I was waiting for Rachael where you have to give your tickets and I must have looked pretty pathetic because the ticketer (?) guy told me to go ahead and just come back with the ticket.

That was my big night (although I don't think 4:00 counts as night time!) out. Saturday was a wonderfully lazy morning. When we were all finally out of bed we through on clothes and headed out for a breakfast at McDonalds. Ella's fear of the Chic Fil A cow has suddenly expanded to include all fast food restaurants. The whole way there she was afraid that Ronald McDonald would be inside. Can anyone tell me the last time you've actually seen Ronald McDonald? I mean, where did she even get the idea of Ronald McDonald? She told us it didn't matter if he was there or not there, she didn't want to go inside. So we parked nice and close the entrance where we could keep an eye on the car, locked the door and ate inside without her. We did check on her a few times and she was quietly reading a book and was happy where she was. At this rate Catherine is going to be ready for Disney World (no trip planned, just hopeful thinking that someday they'll conquer these fears so we can take them) before Ella.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Matt did a lot of cleaning and work up in our attic. It's hands down the most overwhelming place in our house and it was great to start weeding through the bags and bags of stuff up there. While we worked the girls played really well together for the rest of the afternoon. I feel horrible saying it, but no one stopped for lunch, including the kids. It was one of those days where you weren't super busy but also got a lot accomplished.

Sunday was church, watching the Eagles lose and being thankful that I'm a Steelers fan. I mean, that game was so painful I was begging Matt to change the channel.

That was our slow, but relaxing, weekend.

This week we leave on Wednesday to head down to Baltimore to visit Matt's family for Thanksgiving. My parents are joining us as well which is always fun because both our parents enjoy getting to spend time together. Friday we'll be waking up early to do some shopping, it's crazy, but the prices really can't be beat. That night we'll hang out for a few hours with some friends who live in the area. Saturday we live the kids behind and drive up to Harrisburg for the wedding of a dear friend. We're staying the night and heading back down to Baltimore to pick up the kids and head home, and stopping to visit some friends along the way.

I'm tired just thinking about it! But as tiring as it is, I love the time with family and reconnecting with friends is always worth it!


Anonymous said...

I am in the same (character free) boat with you guys! Our 5 year old son has a tremendous fear of any kind of costume. The cow would seriously put him in a coma! Just think of all the money you'll save by NOT going to Disney. When do they grow out of it??? Our Joe's fears are not exclusive to costumes, either....he cannot tolerate animals or puppets, too. Yikes!

He would totally be chillin' in the car with Catherine.


Sarah said...

You didn't mention if you liked the movie or not! I was waiting to hear of your reaction. Thanks for the comment on my post. I'm thrilled about being involved again with the Hospitality Center. I know that Valley View did some work and painting at the old hospital facility there. That's awesome that some people from church volunteer there. Well I hope that you have a great Thanksgiving! Sounds like you'll be super busy, but I hope that you guys have fun and get great deals!


Courtney said...

I think Ella and Joe should get married! And their whole wedding party can wear costumes and they can laugh at how afraid they use to be! :)

Have a great Thanksgiving Meg...I know how you feel to be busy and traveling- a little stressful, but it will all be worth it!

renee said...

Feel free to give us a call during your travels!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all - love you so much and so thankful for your friendship. Can't wait to see you!!!
xoxo :)

Crafty P said...

Yeah I was wondering what you thought of twillight, too.

I'm getting the series for Christmas! Just ordered it on Thanksgiving!!

Are you seriously busy every weekend until the end of the year?

wow, you guys are super popular!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

So was the weekend as crazy busy as you anticipated?? Hope you had fun and have recovered by now. I am still unpacking and playing catch up and also want to start getting ready for Christmas... I don't like it when Thanksgiving falls late... it rushes the Christmas season!

Megan said...

Sorry I didn't post my thoughts on the movie - I did like it even though afterwards I had a million ideas of things to improve. I definitely think that Edward was well cast and once he lightened up I really liked him.
Also - Christina, we so aren't that popular - just with Ella's birthday taking up one weekend in December the few left fill up quickly.

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