Monday, December 15, 2008

Reminder for Sharing Christmas

Feel free to post about it on your blog and let your blog readers know they can join in the fun - either by adding their home to the list or visiting the various blogs that are participating.
I still hope to have a Mr. Linky on the blog so that all you do is come to my site on Thursday morning (or...if I'm really on the ball, late Wednesday night) and add your link - make sure and link directly to your Sharing Christmas post and not your general blog. This will make it easy for people to find your post and allow you to continue with your regular blogging. I am hoping that Mr. Linky works - this is my first time trying it and I am not very good with html code and all that fun stuff!
Ideas for your post:
A picture says a thousand words! The more the merrier - take pictures of your tree, your presents (wrapped of course), your decorations inside and out, how you display your Christmas cards, any Christmas goodies you might have already prepared...and so on and so on...
Tell us about your Christmas this year? Where will you be spending it and with whom? What are some traditions your family has and are you doing anything new or differently this year.
Food! Sharing some of your favorite Christmas recipes is a great way to share Christmas. I definitely look forward to those!
Be creative and have fun. I can't wait till Thursday!


Sarah said...

Hey was caroling? We were planning on coming to church yesterday, but we were beat! I want to do the whole Sharing Christmas...I have to read your blog again because I can't remember the instructions! My memory is non-existent these days!!! Hope you guys are doing well...tty soon:-)

Sarah said...

Oh do I link to a specific post?

Rebecca said...

Looking forward to Sharing Christmas too! I'm sorry I keep thinkin it's a tour of homes...I think I have it stuck in my head from BooMama's site.

I'll make sure I get it right for the big day, though!

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