Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Tree is Up

After a busy Thanksgiving full of family, friends, food, shopping, weddings and driving we returned home late on Sunday tired, but ready to start the Christmas season.

Yesterday Matt took the girls out to get our Christmas tree. Like so many of you, we have a Christmas tree tradition at our house. To best explain it, in the words of Ella "We go to the daddy store and buy our Christmas tree." I bet you can figure out what the daddy store is? Why of course it's Home Depot! Although this year we deviated a bit and went to Lowes! We get complimented every year on our tree and although there is a lot of fun in making an event of picking your own, it's one way we save some money.

We dragged it out as long as possible. Monday night was the big event of bringing the tree into the house and letting it settle into place.

Yesterday when Matt got home from work he went through all the Christmas lights to figure out which ones worked (barely any) and he went out and rounded up some more.

Finally tonight the whole family filled it with ornaments and Ella even snuck some garland into the play room and decorate in there.

I have a long list of things to do in the next few days but it was nice to slow down and enjoy the evening together. The girls get so excited about the ornaments they find. My parents gave us all an ornament each Christmas growing up, and it was always related to something we were into or experiencing that year. Ella and Catherine have gotten a kick out of my ornaments - many soccer players, moons (there's a story behind it), Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids, Miss Piggy, an oreo cookie (who knows?) and many other interesting choices. Definitely an example of how pendulum of popularity has swung back to toys like Cabbage Patch Kids and Care Bears. But some things, like oreos, are timeless. I don't need the expensive Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments - I have a homemade cloth oreo cookie!

Tomorrow Ella turns five so stop back in tomorrow for some birthday wishes for my baby! And now I'm off to decorate cupcakes and fill a letter can with "J" items for Ella's school day tomorrow. I hope to get a shower at some point too. That would be nice...


Teri said...

Happy Birthday, Ella! My parents also gave us an ornament every year, although they weren't quite as fad-oriented (although I wish they were). I can't wait to see pics of your beautifully-decorated home!

Crafty P said...

those kind of ornaments are the best. My Godmother gave me an ornament every year as well and I have a large portion of them still. One day I'd like to have a nostalgia tree and a glass bulb tree... one day.

you have to see that link to making those photo block ornaments over at "my place"- totally doable!

jealous you have your tree.. I have to wait one more week to get mine.

renee said...

we too have all the ornaments our parents gave us, and like you, are related to whatever we were "into." I have many a ballerina, princess (snow white), and ice skaters!

I wish we could go cut down our tree this year (or even do a home depot one :)) - no point though, since we'll be home soon!!!

we'll be calling for ella's bday!!

Tasha Antonia Hoover said...

I can't believe ella is turning 5!!! Absolutely CRAZY!!
See you so soon!

Rebecca said...

I can't wait to see your tree when you post pics for your Christmas Tour of Homes! It sounds very nice.

Blessings upon you guys as the Christmas season gets further under way.

Courtney said...

I'm so excited to see your house. I know you're holding out on giving details until the tour.......
We're getting our tree tomorrow I think. So exciting!

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