Thursday, March 05, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham

I just had to post this cute video of Catherine "reading" Green Eggs and Ham. I hate that my voice is so loud, please try to ignore it! I love the voice she uses to read the story and how at 1:21 she switches into her normal voice to ask me a question.

I had no idea she knew this book that well. In fact, afterwards Ella was all upset that Catherine could read so much better than her (I tried to explain that it wasn't really reading). We were all surprised!

When Catherine gets flustered or gets ahead of herself her words get mixed up a bit. That's why it might not be clear at first that is reading "Green Eggs and Ham". That's why I keep asking her to say it because I had heard her earlier but when I was recording her she kept saying Eggs and Gram" and funny things like that!

I love this little girl so much and since she tends to be the quieter, more reserved one, I had to share a moment when she's being a Ham. Hahaha. I couldn't have picked a better word for this video!


Rebecca said...

Picture me smiling and giggling at my work desk eating jellybeans and watching this. How cute listening to her say, "NO, I DON'T." And the ending was said so sweetly too.

However, my favorite part was the voice change when she asked you the question and Ella trying to get some camera time!

Cute cute girls Megan! And it was good to hear your voice, too! It didn't seem loud at all to me.

Cindy said...

Isn't it wonderful that they will share their reading with you. Wait until the first time they pick up a book and cab=n actually read the words to you. Derek brought in Cat in the Hat and read it to me one day and I had no idea he could do that. I love it now that he can read! Thanks for sharing Catherine with us!

Anonymous said...

This is great! I like how emphatically she says. "No I even don't!" Love, Mom

Teri said...

she's such a cutie! I love the way she reads with the voices - I remember that my parents used to tape record us doing that, too :) SHe's so precious!

renee said...

that was adorable megs! i love the "no i even don't" :)
i think that is seriously the most i've ever heard her talk. we've been away too long!

Crafty P said...

Gabriel and I watched this together! so cute! I ditto the adorable voice and "no I even don't!"

Anonymous said...

I just watched it with Wyatt and he goes "Catherine is a REALLY good reader" :) What a cutie!

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