Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yes you are Irish

I had to show a picture of my crew getting ready to head out the door this morning. I definitely didn't plan it, but it turned out that all four of us were wearing jeans with layered t-shirts. It actually was helpful in getting Catherine dressed this morning. "Do you want to match mommy?" works like a charm!

The girls were wearing green in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Because I could provide green pants, socks and shoes for Ella as well as the t-shirts, we compromised by painting a Shamrock on her check (and Catherine's as well). Because Ella is sporting some cheerleader hair you can see the cute little bow that my mom sent for the girls to wear today.
For some reason Ella has been really into St. Patrick's Day. I imagine it's because they had talked about it in school and her grandma talks to them about Ireland.
One day after school last week Ella asked me "Mom, am I Irish? My teacher asked me if I was Irish."
I told her, that yes, she was Irish (and German and Scottish and French and Native American...but I didn't go into that with her).
A few days later she asked me the same question. I told her again that she was Irish and we talked about Ireland and St. Patrick's Day.
On Sunday morning before chuch she once again asked me "Mom, am I Irish?"
I said "Ella, you can ask me as much as you want, you will always be Irish." Just making sure we're clear, that's all. I wasn't annoyed (honestly!!!) at all.
Later that afternoon I overheard her asking Matt "Daddy, am I Irish?" Seriously? Again? I said to her "Ella, don't you remember what mommy told you this morning when you asked me that?"
My sweet precocious five year old looked at my and said "You told me I could ask as much as I wanted!"
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


renee said...

she's just too much... :)
love ella's cheerleader hair - it looks so cute!!
happy st.patrick's day!

Rebecca said...

Well, she makes a valid point, Megan.

That's so cute. And they look adorable in their St. Patty's attire. Really, you have a beautiful family.

Are you guys Irish?

Teri said...

ohhhh Ella - she's so funny! Isn't it *great* how literal they are at that age? BTW, are you Irish! ;)

Megan said...

Seriously, I almost answered Rebecca and Teri by explaining that we are Irish! And I wonder where Ella gets it!

Sarah said...

oh they look sooo cute! I haven't been on here in forever it seems, but it's nice to try to catch up at least on other people's blogs:-)

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