Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beautiful Pinky

I'm sitting here after a long day. It's only Tuesday and it's already been a busy week with more busyness to come, but I have to take a break from my SYTYCD tour review (in the works I promise) to mark one more monumental moment on this journey of parenthood.

First hospital visit!

In almost six years it was our first trip with one of the girls and I am pretty thankful for that. Also very very thankful that it was for something as relatively minor as a potentially broken finger.

I was dropping Catherine and her friend Wyatt off at Wyatt's house for a playdate. Ella has a weekly rotating playdate with school friends and this was the week for us to host them at our house. I thought it would be nice for Catherine to have a playdate with one of her friends and much easier for the four older girls to play without me constantly trying to figure out how to distract Catherine or help her to fit in. So I needed to get Catherine and Wyatt from preschool get them to his house and then get back to my place to meet the girls at the bus stop.

Easy, right?

Well the little snafoo happened when we went in their side door, one of those heavier spring doors that you usually see at a school or church that close automatically. Catherine must have put her hand up on the door frame to steady herself as she kicked her shoes off. And then the door shut. She started screaming right away and my first reaction was that she saw something that startled her. Yes, it is the same exact scream she'd make if she saw a big scary bug. So it took me a second to realize what had happen and open the door.

I still feel slightly sick to my stomach when I think about seeing her finger when I first got it out. It definitely didn't look right.

We got back in the car and headed home, with constant crying...her, not me (although I was close). I was frantically calling Matt so he could help since I knew I couldn't take Catherine to the doctor and meet Ella and her friends at the bus stop. Of course after call five I remembered he couldn't find his cell phone when he left that morning and was at his weekly breakfast meeting with the other two pastors. Thankfully I also remembered that I had suggested they try out a new restaurant down the road from our house...as I drove by I saw them walking in the parking lot to head to their cars. Definitely a God thing! I apologize to Tim and Bruce for not offering any greeting other than beeping to get Matt's attention and then telling him he needed to come home.

Everything worked out alright. Catherine and Matt went to the peds, then down to the hospital to get an x-ray while I supervised four hyper kindergarten girls. We debated cancelling and having the moms come but it just seemed easier to have Matt get going with getting Catherine checked out and not delay things.

Catherine did great on first hospital visit. Matt said she sucked up all the attention of everyone telling her how cute she was and all and in all it went pretty quickly.

Now we're heading to an orthopedic doctor tomorrow to find out for sure if it's broken, apparently the x-rays showed "suspicion of fracture".

Did I mention it was her pinky finger? Poor baby! When we were waiting for Matt to get home, she was laying on the couch crying "my beautiful pinky!" A good reason to smile in the midst of the pain!

I ask you to pray for us tomorrow for an appointment that gets Catherine's beautiful pinky all straightened out, preferably no break while you're at it! Thanks :)


Crafty P said...

I know that scream- Gabriel has it and it can mean a host of things.

Praying for Catherine and her beautiful pinky. Oh to be a mother of girls....

You know I just had our first ER visit with Max, too, for the stiches. Firsts for us both!

Courtney said...

aw....poor baby!! Hope she's better soon. Way to stay calm though!

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

Praying for Catherine and her poor beautiful pinky. Please let us know how it went today!

Happy said...

Will certainly say a prayer for Catherine and her beautiful pinky. Sounds like you did so great in the face of an emergency and amen to being able to find Matt so easily!

Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

There is always a bright spot in the darkness--what a precious comment to remember, "my beautiful pinky!" Glad it is o.k. Mom K

stella g. said...

such a trooper! all of you, really. i'm picturing Matt in rescue-mode, too. glad it seems to be all working out. (poor finger.)

Erin said...

love the new profile pic! you look like a model!! :)

Kimberly said...

I saw your picture in the Alumni magazine today and I miss you. It has been forever since we have chatted. I pray you are doing well. I would love to chat and catch up. Much love and hugs, Kim (Treese'99) Beachly

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