Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sisterhood returns

It's my first week of recapping this season of SYTYCD. Just a reminder to all you out there that you can jump in at any point and start watching and commenting.

So I have to be honest here. I have not been feeling these past two weeks of auditions. I feel like one hour a week, dragging auditions out over six weeks is just waaaaay too long, and when I realized that tonight was only halfway to Vegas week I was even less excited.

But I have to say that Boston really brought it. I feel like we finally saw some different interesting dancers. Ok, I am sure there were a bunch the last few weeks, but LA felt like a ton of interchangeable (but still awesome) contemporary dancers

Here are some of the dancers they highlighted...

Teddy, 18yr - we were already treated to his unique audition during last season, but it was still fun to see it again. I agree with the judges that he definitely has the personality and style for the show. Was it crazy to watch an audition to "If It Kills Me" and not have it be Jason and Jeanine?

Jean Lloret, 22- can I get an AMEN? Thank you for bringing some hip hop, his moves were amazing! Hope he does well in Vegas!

Channing Cook, 18 - could be this season's Kherington? Definitely has the potential for it, maybe not as dynamic with her dance, but I liked her personality, she seemed like a goofball and I always love the tom boy! Another Mraz song, "A Beautiful Mess" (don't quote me on that though)

Ryan Casey, 18 -AKA Tall Tapper (What I had previously typed until they flashed his name) - I wasn't sure what we'd get from him, but I was surprised, he was definitely a good tapper. Not good enough in choreography, but a pleasant surprise b/c I thought he would be one of the joke ones.

Russell Ferguson, 19 - Heck ya, lovin' the crump! One of my favorite auditions so far - what can I say, this past season was sorely lacking in styles other than contemporary, I hope this guy does well in Vegas and we see more of him.

Then Tyce goes crazy. With his foot. And then farting. Pretty hilarious actually. You'd never see those Idol judges in tears laughing over someone's stinky rear!

Breezie - So entertaining and suprising. I love how he covered up his fall! Too bad the injury put him out of the choreography.

Karen and Matthew Hauer, 27 husband and wife - They were latin dancers and we haven't seen many of them so it's always a nice change of pace. They were good, but honestly they didn't blow me away. I bet they'll make it to the end and then only one of them will make the top 20!

Gene Bersten,21 - Kind of a weirdo, but I think that is the persona that often goes along with latin dancing - alot of "face pulling" and overexaggerated expressions. But he was definitely good and I thought it was pretty interesting that he did Boom Boom Pow as his song and was all alone. Have we ever seen a ballroom dancer try out with out a partner? If he can reign in the eyebrows he might have a chance!

Well there is really nothing to say about the final audition. Matt summed it up perfectly "why do they have to give so much press time to this guy and his bulge?"

So on that note, I will sign off for the night, having enjoyed tonight's episode more than I was expecting to and looking off into the distant horizon when we get to see this season's top 20 perform on stage!


I almost forgot one very very important thing. This Saturday Renee and I are going to represent the Sisterhood at the SYTYCD tour!!! We promise to give a full recap when we get back and will pass your love along to Brandon, Jeanine, Evan, Kaitlyn, Melissa, Jason, Kupono (Rachel, I'll pass on some special love from you to him ;) ) and all the rest of the dancers! Woohoo!
Hip Hopper


Rachel said...

Megan- When you say "pass on some special love" to Kupono...did you really mean punch him in his weak neck? Thanks.

While, thoroughly impressed by the b-boys "tricks" (seriously ridiculous elbows if you ask me), I was super surprised that the judges passed him right on through to Vegas, while others like the tom-boy had to do the choreography!!!!! I do not think he'll do well in Vegas. Tricks (of any kind) can only get you so far.

We have a former Young Life kid out here, who is also 6'8" (and growing)...we call him Frank the Cat. So, that's what I referred to the super tall tapper kid the whole time. Frank the Cat was waaaay better than I thought he would be, but I think the judges were blowing a little smoke....I felt like they were treating him as if his height were a disability. I was expecting Nigel to do the whole Talk. Real. Slow. thing on him.

LOVED the crumper guy. He was so BUCK! yeah, that's right.

The latin dancer guy did have a partner, Megan! His eyebrows!!!???

Good times, people!

parsons said...

Megan ... I wasn't sure if your post was crazy. Or was it brilliant. Crazy? Brilliant? Then I realized it was crazy brilliant.

Here's my problem ... I watched Teddy and while I saw good things in his performance, I in NO WAY thought his herks and jerks were as fabulous as the judges said. As it gets closer to my turn to review the week's episode, I'm nervous I won't "bring it." Eek.

And I'm on record as being on the Russell bandwagon. I'm with Megan, the contemporary dance is great, but I like the mesh of other styles to show some individuality.

After Phoenix I was pumped for a night of good dancers. Whew.

And I think Paul got so much air time b/c he fit the appearance of the quintessential "Boston Guy" only he danced. At least that is my guess.

Courtney said...

Crazy Brilliant indeed. I didn't realize we were only halfway to Vegas...woof! Stick with it ladies.....

Favorite of the night: Russell. I thought he was fantastic. What I did not love was the judges' apparent need to make "stank face" while watching him. Nigel's not "buck", and Mary couldn't crump even if you taped her botoxed brown down into a furrow. Stick to your strengths people.

I also loved Teddy and Channing (Meg-you're dead on about her being the new Kherington!). Jean was good, but I agree he should have gone to the choreography round. He can't wrist-spin his way through other styles....

Now- can we please discuss the announcement of Adam Shankman as the permanent 3rd judge?

Thoughts? I like him, but I loved the Mary+Nigel+Guest Spot format. Not sure I'm going to love the same three opinions every week. But at least it's not Tyce. He was out of control last night-leg kick and gas passing aside, his critique of K'Bez (the hip hop dancer who claimed to have contemporary training) was painful. He kept alternating between his angry Jew-Mom voice, fake gangsta, and real comments. Don't shake your head at me ChinStrap. Ugh.

Overall though- good week, with some stand out dancers- Wouldn't be surprised if a few of our top 20 were from Boston.

OH- And have fun at the live show, ladies! I want all the backstage dirt.....

Crafty P said...

Okay, I just say that the most exciting part of this post is the promise of a FULL RECAP of the tour you'll be attending this weekend!!!!!! I'm almost too excited to even think about last night's show.

But I will just say, I was THRILLED to see some krump. It was sorely missed IMO, too.

Channing was sweet. Liked Teddy, too, his pants rocked!

p.s. brian is hysterical... I may just call him CRAZY BRILLIANT, but maybe I'm crazy brilliant. I think I'm more CRAFTY brilliant.

pps. I kept picturing Jeanine and Jason dancing to "if it kills me", too. AMazing how music and dance leaves such an ingrained impression in our minds!

Crafty P said...

p.pppppp.s. I didn't think the street performing crazy arm guy deserved to just FLY to Vegas... they should have seen him do choreography. only time will tell. I was impressed by his strength, but what gives? there were other super talented peeps out there who didn't make it to VEgas (or who were in Vegas and left... anyone recall last seasons big disappoitment to Meg and myself?). blah blah blah, we'll see if he BRINGS the HEAT in VEgas, right?

renee said...

so sorry i'm finally tuning in you guys!! i promise, my heart belongs to the sisterhood... life is just busy and wednesdays will not always be easy for me to watch.

nonetheless, i am here now! :)

okay, first and foremost, tyce is annoying!!! always thought he was a little strange, but now he's rude and strange. Crafty, you're hilarioius about him!

i LOVE adam as a judge - almost always agree with him, but you're right, i too will miss the versality of a guest judge every now and then. i'd rather see mary get replaced every now and then with a guest judge and keep nigel and adam as the 2 main judges! i think the only one i'll really miss being on the panel is mia (although i can only hear so much "raw and organic" from her). and can ellen be back on just one time, or will she be too busy with AI?

LOVED the krumping! russell was awesome... he should make it to the top 20.

loved teddy - thought he was very "whimsical" and charming... wasn't fascinated by jean the b-boy... his tricks are cool, but i agree with rachel -they can only get you so far. if he can do great at other styles, that's one thing, b/c he'll bring something different... but only time will tell!

enjoyed channing a lot - she just needs to show much more personality while she dances. if she does that, she'll be awesome!

oh my word.... gene and those eyebrows. ewwwwwwwww! made me feel like he was trying to look into my soul. good dancer... just freaky.

i'm looking forward to recapping next week!!

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