Friday, October 30, 2009

Why my kids are scared to go outside at night

Our next door neighbor loves to decorate for Halloween. She puts up some...hmmm, how shall I describe them....perhaps unconventional is the best word to describe her decorations. Creepy would be another and just as appropriate.

Last week I wanted Ella to go get something she had left in the car and she said "No mom, I'm scared to go outside in the dark, everyone has their Halloween stuff up." Now you all know that Ella and Catherine are easily spooked (see previous post for a great example), but in this case I totally understand where she's coming from. I'm kind of creeped out by the Halloween stuff as well.

Let's take a tour and I'll show you what I mean....

Starting off, a little ghost. Definitely not a friendly ghost, but he's giving us a thumbs up so he can't be too scary. Not too bad, right?

Moving along we come to a caped devil-like creature. Again, not as friendly as a Winnie the Poo Dracula blow up yard decoration (yes, they exist...why make Winnie into Dracula, why?), but his goofy looking eyes make that sinister grin just a bit less sinister looking. But scarier than the ghost, right?

Then we have the side window. Yeah. Imagine that lit up and staring out at you at night....shiver...scary, but not nightmare inducing.

While I'm talking about staring I'd like to present a series of photos showing what I believe are the creepiest and bizarre Halloween decorations I've ever scene.

Words fail me. The vacant stares on those mannequin heads just creep me out. Can you blame my girls for not wanting to see them staring at them at night?
The one at the top is new for this year, so I had to get a closer shot of it
What do you think of the ghost hanging from below? Do you think it's supposed to represent the ghost of the decapitated mannequin? What would make someone think of using mannequin heads as Halloween decoration? I'm afraid to even answer that question, although assuming they were going for scary/creepy/bizarre, they definitely were successful.
I just had to share this with all of you, to give you something to be thankful for this Halloween. Thankful that you don't have to avoid the eyes of decapitated mannequins and instead most likely get to enjoy a blow up Mickey or Winnie the pooh vampire!
On a different not...I am making something yummy that will be in the crockpot all day tomorrow and make for an easy dinner before we head out to trick or treat. Definitely one I'll be sharing! Enjoy your Halloween!


Kerri Smith said...

Now I've got "Little Ghost" by the White Stripes stuck in my head.

Yeah, I'd be creeped out, too! Poor kids!

Happy said...

Oh my goodness...those are creepy and odd decorations. I would not want to go out after dusk if I were your girls either!

So funny that you took pictures of your neighbors weird decorations and blogged about them...classic!

Looking forward to this savory crock pot recipe you speak of! We're doing that too on Trick or Treat night!

Susan Calzada said...

I SO don't get why people do that to their houses! I'm all about pumpkins and cornstalks, but the gory monsters are just creepy!
Definitely need that crock pot recipe! I'm reaching the point of my pregnancy where I have no energy for cooking at dinnertime.

Teri said...

creeeeepy! Can't wait to hear your recipe!

renee said...

sooooo funny. such a great post. i come over to your house, like, um, 3 times a week (not really, but seems like it) and i will never get used to your neighbor's decorations!!! yowzers!!!

your poor girls.

Cindy said...

Those are creepy Meg- Now granted I laughed too because their so rediculous but I am glad I don't live next to that. Sorry! The lady across the street is the pre-k teacher at school. She is a wonderful lady so sweet, but at halloween she lets her evil side out. She dresses up and scares the kids when they go to get her candy. I sit out on my porch and laugh my head off because its not my kids she's scaring they won't even go over there. Well Sarah won't Derek actually did this year. She made two little kids cry and a lot scream and even one mom said I think I peed my pants! said...

i would totally freak out too, how very odd.

our neighbors have the dracula tigger blow up guy. my girls think he is super tiger though b/c of the cape. every time they see him they call out in a sing song voice, "Su-per Ti-gger" too which my son says, "I think it is supposed to be scary tigger"

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