Sunday, March 14, 2010

Catherine stories

I've been sitting up in bed hoping that my kids eventually fall asleep. I didn't mind getting to sleep in this morning since they didn't know the time had changed, but it backfired tonight when 8 o'clock rolled around and they were nowhere near being tired enough to fall asleep when to them it felt like 7 o'clock!

Since I have the computer and I'm stuck up in my bedroom (so much easier than going up and down when the girls venture out of their rooms for one reason or far we have, "I'm thirsty", "I'm scared", "My shoulder hurts" and "I need to be tucked in") I figure nows a good time to jot down a few little stories I've been collecting that I don't want to forget.

Catherine says and does so many things that crack me up and I know I'll regret it if I don't record some of them to look back on. Here are a few of the recent ones...

I was driving the girls home from somewhere a few weeks ago when I heard Catherine ask me a question from the back seat.

"Mom, why are we poor?"

What?! Oh no, did I give her the impression I think we're poor? I asked her to repeat the question and once again she asked "mom, why are we poor?"

Oh man, I was sweating it because I can't imagine she would have gotten that impression from anyone other than me. I know our house is smaller than most in the area and if we could afford something bigger, we would jump on it, but that's definitely a choice we made with Matt's occupation and wanting me to be able to stay at home with the kids. But that doesn't mean we're poor. Did she hear me complaining about wanting more space or a bigger house? Have I ever actually said something like that in front of them?

My mind was racing.

I gathered my thoughts and began to explain to her that we weren't poor, that we had a house, a car, plenty of food and clothes, stuff that many people don't have and we should be thankful and grateful for all that we do have.

I was met with silence from the back seat, until Ella spoke up and said "mom, she asked "why are we small"

Oh.....because of course Catherine can't do her "sp" sound so small can across as pall which I somehow heard as poor.

I really didn't know whether to be happy that I hadn't given my daughter the impression we were poor or disappointed that my little impromptu speech had probably fallen on very confused ears!

These next two little ditties are similar, but again, cracked me up enough that I had to get them written down.


One night last week we were at friend's house for dinner and afterwards Catherine and Nolan were playing a game that involved throwing balls at plates trying to knock them over. Apparently this was only a two person game and they told Ella she couldn't play with them. Naturally Ella was very upset by this and we talked to the kids and told them that Ella needed to be included.

Catherine came into the kitchen to tell Ella with great enthusiasm that she figured out how Ella could play with them...."hey Ella, when we throw the ball and it misses and rolls away, YOU can go get the ball for us!!!!!" Seriously, you would have thought she was offering her the role of quarterback or pitcher and not ball girl! There may have been some bursts of laughter from the adults! It was doubly funny to me because I could tell how earnest she was and not trying to manipulate things at all.

Today the same type of thing happened excepted I was the one given the role of "ball girl". Somehow we were talking about clubs and they were trying to think what their club would be and I suggested sister's club. They were excited about that and I said, what about mom's too? Can I be in the club? Catherine immediately responded with "of course mom, you can be our server. You can serve us food when we're hungry!"

So basically this is just an imitation of everyday life club!

Catherine is just such a funny girl. Tonight Matt was trying to get her to wind down for bed and had already read books and sang her a song, but she was still super chatty. I guess he was getting ready to leave and she said "dad, I still have LOTS of questions for you!"

Just like both girls love listening to me read blog posts about them as babies, I know how much they'll enjoy reminiscing about their antics as preschoolers. Definitely a good incentive for me to keep blogging, whether once a week or more!

3 comments: said...

VERY cute stories indeed... you'll def want to savor them to pull out years from now.

Love the poor one! Ha, ha!!

Teri said...

I love fun/funny kid stories! I used to keep a quote book of the funny things my kindergartners said (I don't get as many since I don't see my preschoolers everyday). I'll pull that book out once in a while when I need a smile! It is hilarious!

Happy said...

Cute stories! I'm sure they will love hearing about the things they said when they are older!

Loved the Checking Out post! I've become an Aldi's shopper too...their produce is usually excellent and so much cheaper! And the kids love the Sharks and Dino's Fruit Snacks!

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