Sunday, March 07, 2010

Checking out

I have much much much to update on and I promise that it will be coming soon! We just got home from a nice weekend away with friends and I am getting all settled in to watch the Oscars, but I feel like the Winter Olympics are just so last month and I figured it would be nice to get a new post up for the start of the week.

Also, this was just one of those things I had to share....

Last week I headed to my favorite money saving grocery store, Aldi's, to do my weekly shopping. I had taken Ella to school so I was getting my shopping started early and I was looking forward to a productive day and was actually calculating how much I would get done before Ella got home from school at noon (crazy, cannot remember where Catherine was...somewhere with Matt I know).

I got to the register, all my food was rung up and I slid my debit card only to have my card denied. Gulp! The cash register worker told me that it was expired, so I immediately checked the date to see the expirations being February 2010 and of course it was the very first day of March! Aldi's doesn't take credit cards so I had no other way to pay. They pulled my cart aside and I said I'd be back. I ran over to Wal-Mart and grabbed the stuff I hadn't found at Aldi's (just slightly tempted to reshop, but it's just too much cheaper at Aldi's!), ran (ok, drove) back home, brought the few bags I had in to the house, grabbed my new debit card (It's coming back to me, I remember calling Matt saying that I my card was expired and he reminded me that it had been sitting there on our computer desk for months just waiting to be activated....I have no idea where he was and what Catherine and him were doing.)

Headed back to Aldi's with my new card, not sure if they still had my cart of groceries waiting for me. Thankfully it was still there and the cash register worker was very kind in quickly scanning my receipt and having me pay without waiting in line and had pulled aside some of the perishables allowing me to go grab fresh ones.

Overall, not too bad, but it cut into my productive morning and was basically a realization of a fear I have everytime I go to check out at a store, that I won't be able to pay.

Skip one week forward to tonight. I was tired after being away all weekend, up too late, and up too early, but I have a catering job this week (more on that coming soon) and I knew I had to get shopping so I could focus on cooking tomorrow morning.

I zoomed through the store, grabbed a take-n-bake pizza for dinner and headed to check out. All the groceries were scanned and reloaded into my cart when I reached in my purse for my wallet only to realize it didn't appear to be there. I set it down and proceeded to rummage through it, because I have so much junk in there that often it only appears that my wallet was missing, but no it was just hiding behind that bag of goldfish.

I found my cut up, expired debit card (I can't even take credit for that, I tried to use it again at Wegman's a few days later and that time the register worker cut it up for me. Apparently this is a lesson I am having a hard time learning.) but no wallet. It truly wasn't in there.

I said something like "oh my gosh, I can't believe this happened again, " and the lady working said "oh yeah, like the last time with your card."

That's right, same employee as last week. Two times in one week she got to be a part of my forgetfulness and actually remembered! I wonder if I have a reputation?

Thankfully my wallet was in my car and I didn't have to go home. Not sure if I would have had the energy to come back!

Now it's time to watch the Oscars and lay on the couch until I fall asleep, perfect ending to the weekend! I hope to have time to update on what's been going on this past month besides the Olympics and my inability to pay for groceries :)

3 comments: said...

hee hee... isn't it funny that the times you go without the kids, are when your forgetful? It's like not having a gazillion conversations going on and people to keep track of, suddenly throws us off. I went to Target once, kidless, and left having paid for frames but leaving the bag behind at the register. Drove all the way home, went to show Scott my purchase and they were not there.

When I went back a few days later to get them and of course a few more things, I, NO KIDDING, left another bag at the register... some one flagged me down at a red light to tell me...I was so annoyed and tired I didn't even go back.

I love that you had the same cashier and that she remembered you!! So classic! :-)

Crafty P said...

ugh. the not being able to find my wallet thing happens so very often to me... it's the same color as my purse and "hides" on me... happens too often to me. That is one of my worst fears- getting to the register with kids in tow (I always have kids in tow) and not finding my credit card/wallet.

I'd love to know how you reacted though... did you take it in stride? did it ruin your morning?

chrissie k said...

HILARIOUS!! I was giggling up a storm in my dining room. The kids came running in to see why I was laughing....

LOVE you. We should plan a meet at Nama's house soon!

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