Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who's Sharing Christmas?!

It's that time of year again...time for the third annual Sharing Christmas!!! Thank you to those of you who kept reminding me over the past few weeks. With the way this fall has been, I really do think I may have forgotten!!

Funny thing. For those of you who have done this before, go back and look at your old Sharing Christmas posts. I did it just now in order to grab the picture and it was neat to see how so much stays the same and the little things that are different. A couple of times I said "oh, that's where I put that!"

This year I am going to hold Sharing Christmas on Wednesday December 22nd. That gives you a week to take some pictures and get your post together! Click on the link in the previous sentence for a full explanation of how it all works.

Sharing Christmas is a neat way for us to take a tiny peak into what Christmas looks like at your house this year. If you're like me, the decorations stay pretty much the same, (Haha, tempted to reuse pictures! Don't worry I won't!) but each year brings change and newness that is important to document. Not just to share with us of course, but to look back on for your self (if you haven't gone back and read your archives, do it. My kids LOVE hearing stories from when they were littler!)

So on Wednesday when you put your post up, along with pictures, I hope you'll include some of the following things:

What is different between this Christmas and last? Or what has stayed the same?!
Any new traditions or events going on this year?
Any new recipes you're trying out? (Renee and I were talking today about our habit of trying new recipes when we have to take something somewhere instead of maybe the wiser route being going with something tried and true. But that's a bit boring, right?)
What is the gift you're most excited for your kids to see Christmas morning?
What are ways you try and share the true meaning of Christmas? (not that we don't try and do this throughout the year, but I know many of you have fun advent traditions that I want to steal!)

You don't have to share all of those, but I definitely hope you'll share a bit about how Christmas is lived out in your family this year!

Let me know - will you be sharing?


Crafty P said...

Hooray!!! Can't wait!

Happy said...

I'm totally in and can't wait!

Courtney said...

I'm going to try to get my act together....looking forward to it!

Nancy said...

Hey, Megan! I think it's the third anniversary of the first time...which would make it the fourth annual! I remember the first time was the Christmas after Linus was born...and there was RSV and a nebulizer as a part of our Christmas that year=). (I know I'm a dork.) I'm in! Can't wait!

Megan said...

Glad you guys are all on board! Nancy, I can't believe I forgot a year, but I love that you remember! I love that we have these posts to look back on :) Spread the word via facebook and your blogs, maybe we'll get some newbies!

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