Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sharing Christmas 2009

Would you believe that I almost forgot this year? I am working on my post for my new six year old and I realized that it's December 8th and I haven't posted anything on "Sharing Christmas". If you'll remember the past two years I have hosted a Christmas tour of sorts, where we share a little bit of what Christmas looks like this year in our house.

It's definitely a fun little blog event and I love reading and seeing what is going on in your neck of the wood this Christmas. Many of you have new homes, or new babies, or, in my case, just another new year. Not only do you have a chance to document what this Christmas looks like for you, but you get to share it with some of your favorite bloggers (ok, so not
Pioneer Woman or Big Mama, but some of our other favorite bloggers!)

I thought I'd give us a little time to "prepare" and host this year's Sharing Christmas on Monday December 21st.

How it works:

On Monday morning head over here to add your blog to the Sharing Christmas list. I hope to have a Mr.Linky up like last year to make it nice and easy! Please make sure and link to the specific Sharing Christmas post and not just to your blog itself. This way you can continue with your regular posting and visitors can easily click over to your Sharing Christmas post.

After posting your own link, please take some time over that day and the next few following to visit the other blogs posted. Since you're taking a peek into their home, it's always nice to leave a comment and let them know you were there! We all love to hear from our visitors! :)

Ideas on what to post....

Pictures of your house in all it's Christmas-y-ness.

Share the recipe for a favorite Christmas recipe or treat!

Some Christmas traditions special to your family

What is going on in your life this Christmas? How will this Christmas be different or the same? Whether or not the decorations look the same, I find that each Christmas has a different "feel" to it, based on what's going on in and around my life.

Basically, just have fun and be festive!!! I would love it if you posted a link to this (just take the picture and then link back here for all details) on your blog and encouraged your friends to take part in Sharing Christmas. All are welcome, it's always fun to meet new bloggers!

Ok, so now back to writing about my darling six year old. Also, I'm going to see Pioneer Woman...more on that later this week!


Nancy said...

I must say I've been a tad worried since you haven't posted anything yet! Looking forward to it again! (First blog comment left with my new droid--so exciting in a nerdy kind of way!) said...

I've been wondering if you were doing it again this year... like the idea of sharing traditions as last year I stuck mostly to decor and that doesn't really change all that much year to year. Looking forward to linking up!

Happy said...

Yay! I'm so excited you are going to host Sharing Christmas again this year! Can't wait till the 21st!

Crafty P said...

I was not worried at all... I knew you'd remember (although I was working up a reminder email). SO glad you're waiting till that week as we have only Advent decorations up right now!

One note, I've heard that if you don't get there early or get an early bird ticket/band/whatever, that you might MISS HER! Read this gal's post....

ps. jealous! I've been watching her appearances on Bonnie Hunt

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