Thursday, June 28, 2007

Weekly post :)

My friend Renee posted about this week's So You Think You Can Dance. Go here to add your input!

I still have to post some pictures from our trip to Clearfield and Pittsburgh. Ella had so much fun with her cousin Isaac and I got some cute pictures of them holding hands. She cried so hard when we were getting ready to leave Saturday night. She told me in the car she wanted Isaac to come home with us! I think he felt the same way about her :) In fact he had some jealousy issues when another little girl wanted to play with Ella - he did not like someone else moving in on his turf. Isaac is such a sweet sensitive soul, something you don't always see in little boys. I think it's a good thing and I hope my kids grow up with tender hearts that have compassion for others. But sensitive kids are easily hurt and it' s a fine line as a parent to nurture that sensitivity but also help them toughen up so they aren't overwhelmed by the world around them.

We loved our time with Matt (my big brother), Chrissie, Theo and Isaac. There was a house for sale not too far from them and Chrissie kept dropping hints about us moving out there. Especially after I was blown away by how "uncrowded" their Costco's was and I found out that they have a Fudruckers one parking lot over (from the Costco, not their house - that would be dangerous).

I could keep going but it's going to storm and we have alot of stuff outside that needs to come in! So off I go. Remember, SYTYCD fans - go over to Renee's blog and add your opinion.

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chrissie k said...

WE so enjoyed having ya'll here! Just in case you didn't know ;) Love you guys... looking forward to the beach!

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