Tuesday, June 12, 2007


So it's been awhile since I've posted. I've been having too much fun reading other people's blogs - much easier than actually writing something on my own.
I figured I should post some pictures just to let you know that I'm still out here and give you something new to look at.
These are from our trip to Chincoteague Virginia over Memorial Day weekend. We had a nice time with Matt's parents and the kids played non-stop. Once we got to the beach Ella barely stopped running (hence the picture) - she was just so overjoyed to be at the beach. Catherine's favorite spot was the beach chair (hence the picture!) - she was just taking everything in - and looking very cute doing it. The close up shots are from a park that had a wooden boat the kids could play around. Ella's hair is red because she painted it earlier that day - she did a good job of it.
Chincoteague is very different from Ocean City, NJ - where I've grown up vacationing. Very calm and quiet and not busy at all. It was a nice change of pace for me. I'd like to head down for a week the end of August or beginning of September before Ella starts school. The highlight of the trip for Ella was riding on the moped (how the heck do you spell that?) with Matt. As soon as she'd get whiny and annoying he'd take her for a ride around the block. We're seriously thinking of buying one at the end of the summer when they sell them off cheap. Not because of Ella (although that's an added bonus) but it gets amazing mileage and Matt could take it the mile to work and do his immediate errands with it. I think the highlight of everyone else was watching me come within inches of wrecking the moped - twice. I was barely moving so there was no danger to my safety - just to the fence and shed that were in front of me.
Since then we've been trying to beat the heat (Ella is again terrified of swimming pools - she had gotten over it by the end of last summer and apparently forgot that she wasn't afraid and now she's afraid again. I feel like it's my fault since I never did swim lessons with her. I know it's not too late but I keep procrastinating and I'm not sure where to go. She loves water just not pools with no shallow ends.) and stay entertained. Catherine and Ella are like tweedle dee and tweedle dum. They play together all the time - not always nicely. Catherine adores her big sister - she's the first one she asks for when she wakes up after nap. I think "Ella" has replaced mommy as Catherine's most frequently used word. That and NO.
Well Ella is anxious to go watch Charlie and Lola, which means I can (i.e., should) start doing some housework. Adios!
PS - I turn 30 in three days. Yikes!!!!


Erin said...

As always, your girls are adorable. We head to VA beach the first week of July. I am a little nervous, as I've never had Nadia exposed to that much sun... So I may be asking you for some tips!
Glad you had a good time!


mego said...

If she doesn't like hats, Target carries cute light weight tie-on ones. I think spray on sun block is a must - so much easier than lotion. Even though it's cute, you don't have to have her in a swim suit all the time - t-shirt and shorts work fine and if they get wet, who cares?! We've done a weekly beach trip every year since we've had Ella and never had any burns. Oh yeah - nap time in the middle of the day helps avoid that too! How is life without Marcin going?

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