Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Update

Hi folks...I'm excited to see your homes and hear about your Christmas preparations and celebrations this year. There are about seven or eight bloggers participating and in hopes of bringing in a few more, I'm going to push Sharing Christmas back until Thursday. It really has nothing to do with me forgetting to take pictures and our outdoor wreath blowing down and Matt forgetting to put our garland up. Honestly, nothing to do with that! Ok, I just looked and realized that I had it set at Thursday originally. Probably because I knew Wednesday was a busy day and I needed more time. But I forgot that I actually thought ahead...Sorry for any confusion. Thursday it is and always was!!

So in the meantime, I will continue to try and guilt, I mean, persuade others to join in on the fun! Christina over at Crafty Pumpkin is offering a sweet deal to those who visit her home so you'll have to check it out!

There are a few of you who will have different Christmas's this year so I really would love to hear from you and hope you'll consider joining in. To be specific; Jodi at Beautiful Collision - you're living with your in-law's, I know you have alot to share! Tasha - living in France means none of us get to see you but perhaps we can get a peak into what Christmas looks like to you (if you're back in your apartment that is). Mike and Sharon - this could be your first and last Christmas in Boston and your last before Kurbis arrives! Erin W - I think you have more animals than humans in your home, right? Or maybe it's even! Anyway - I know you love to take pictures so you have no excuse for not having a shot of one of your dogs wearing reindeer ears!


Crafty P said...

megan- you're a riot! I was reading this thinking, wait, i know she said thursday, right? and then your corrected yourself! ha ha

I'm excited, I checked out a couple homes last night over at boomama's- so fun! did you go over to her place for the tour of homes? did you have any faves?

Thanks for spearheading this!

mego said...

I did check out some of the homes at Boomama - there was one I really really liked but I forget who it was - there were sooo many homes!

Dawn said...

I'm ready to go! I have to admit that although I was hesitant to participate (time!) I am glad I did it - Great idea!!

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