Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sharing Christmas

Anyone care to give us a peak inside your home this Christmas? Ok, I totally copied this idea from Boomama, who is doing a Christmas house tour over at her blog. Basically you give us a "tour" of your home on your blog. I'm not suggesting anything too extensive, but I think it would be really fun for us to take some pictures of our house in their Christmas grandeur and then all post them on the same day.

Also, you could include a peak into what your Christmas will be looking like in other ways. What are baking, what special gifts are you giving, are you traveling or staying home, what are some special traditions do you do with your family to make Christmas your own (I know so many of us are newly married or with young families and we're just started to establish our own traditions), do you have a favorite meal/recipe that is only made at Christmas, what type of activities do you like to do leading up to Christmas (advent calendars, caroling, special church services).

I love to see other people's home at Christmas time and I to have people over as well. There's just something so cozy about visiting under twinkling Christmas lights and a tree while munching on yummy Christmas goodies. I also love hearing about other's Christmas traditions and basically how they enjoy the entire month of December. I just spoke with someone the other day whose family as a pajama day on Dec. 26th. They spend all day in their pjs eating popcorn and snacks and playing games and watching movies together. A totally different tradition but one is about bringing family together when it's so easy to scatter.

I know I have a few different groups of people that frequent this blog. Friends from college, some that I've become newly in touch with through blogging, friends from around here, family, friends of friends,friends of family and friends I don't know yet. Some of you comment regularly, some just chime in to let me know you're reading and some are lurkers. I think it would be fun if everyone (shootin' for the stars here people!) "signed up" to do this in the comments below. Thursday, December 20th, I'll post a list with links to your blogs and we can share a picture of our homes and lives this Christmas. Obviously you could include as much or as little as you'd like - not something that should be stressful, but fun!

So please help make this fun and comment below if you'd like to participate. I look forward to sharing Christmas with you all!

Edited....I just want to make sure you all know that I want this to be a fun way to document this season of the year during this season of your life. I know for some of you it's crazy and busy and babies are everywhere or you're pregnant or you're working and so on and so on. Hopefully you could see this as a way to share a bit of where you are at and how, in the midst of where God has you and what He has put into your life, you are doing to celebrate this special time. It may be bare bones minimum, you may be stressed with the expectations or you may be loving all of it. I hope this is a way to connect and share with others - most that we won't be seeing and some we're just getting to know and some we don't even know!


Crafty P said...

I'm in... send me a reminder

cmcostain at hotmail dot com

We're not quite decorated here but we should have more decorations up by the 20th!

fun idea, Megan

susan said...

Hi Megan! Great idea- I love Boomama, too. I can't participate, since I don't have my own blog and who'd want to see pictures of my Christmas ornaments strewn from room to room by a busy toddler? But I did think that I should confess that I'm a regular lurker on your blog! Love seeing your beautiful girls!
Susan (Sems)

renee marie kovalik said...

great idea megs! although, it's so funny because while both kids are napping right now, i HAD to get some clutter cleared up and organize a little. i was literally just thinking "i should post some pictures of what my house looks like now, because anyone who knows me and knows how i like an organized clean home will get a kick out of it right now!" haha :)
so, i just cleaned up a little (although there's still so much STUFF (baby stuff, toddler messes) in this home it didn't make much of a difference.
I was totally going to do a "christmas post" with traditions of ours and ones I'd like to start, so I'll be sure to sign up to give you a sneak peek into our home! :)

Nancy said...

While I love my house all decorated for Christmas,I'm not sure anyone else will think it's very interesting. I'm no Martha Stewart, that's for sure!! However, I'll join in the fun.

Nancy said...

Hey, I meant to you mind if I put a link to this on my blog?

mego said...

Nancy Christina and Renee - Thanks for joining in! If you want to send me your emails I'll send you a reminder next week.

Susan - Thank you so much for saying hello. I would very much like to see the way your little guy has arranged your Christmas ornaments! I think you need to start a blog just for that!! ;)

mego said...

Nancy - I'd be honored to be added to your blog roll. I was going to add yours as well so I don't have to search through comments each time!

greg. said...

i'm in, but i need one point of clarification:

are we to post the pictures on thursday and no sooner? let me know...

great idea, megan.

mele kalikimaka,


Dawn said...

welllll, I did read this and was considering it, but now that you came over and gave me such a personal invitation, how can I refuse?! :-) I will do my best to get this ready in time - I too could probably use a reminder before you officially kick it off!!

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