Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Compassion blogging

I wanted to pass along something cool for you to be tracking over the next few days. Compassion International has sent a team of bloggers to Uganda and they will be live blogging over the next 6 days, as they share their experiences of how Compassion is helping to release children from poverty in Jesus' name. Since I mentioned releasing, one of the bloggers is musician Shaun Groves and he wrote a pretty awesome post about what he thinks Compassion's slogan should be - and it has to do with releasing! Take the time to check it out! Underneath my blogroll you'll find a handy little widget that details this adventure...

I regularly read Shannon and Sophie's blogs so I have definitely enjoyed just the traveling updates they've posted so far. These women are no different from you and me except for the fact that they have taken this blogging thing to a whole new level and were asked to participate on this trip. But other than that they are moms leaving their kids behind and facing down their fears and anxieties to make this trip and share it with us. I hope you are able to follow them throughout the week. Sophie already has her first post up after being out in the villages and visiting with people for the first time.

In other news. Still no peeing on the potty. Only one accident so far. Still need help!

We found out yesterday that Ella has bronchitis so she is staying home from school today and missing a birthday party. Thankfully, she didn't remember the party was today, because she's already upset enough over missing school because it was supposed to be her special day with me bringing the snack and being the helper. As you can imagine, there have been many many tears shed over this in the last 24 hours. I was able to find someone to switch with me last minute so she'll have her special day in a few weeks - if not it wouldn't have been until April and that would not have gone over well.

I told her that she could pick three special things to do today so she could have a special day at home. The first was watch a movie in the morning so Catherine and Ella are up in bed watching Peter Pan. That is why I am able to blog at 9:30 am. Typically not home this time of day. But now I have to go upstairs and coax them down for breakfast before it becomes lunchtime. The joy of watching TV trumps all physical needs!


Jenn said...

I'd read your post requesting help with potty training, and I was trying to think about anything that I could suggest, but I also had a pretty easy time with Alex so I'm not sure how helpful my suggestions will be! Maybe during naptime you could either try pull-ups (which might make her more aware of the fact that she's going to the bathroom in her sleep if you use ones like Huggies Cool Alert that supposedly feel cool when they get wet) or just go cold turkey and put her down for a nap in her underwear (this may not be much fun for you but maybe it would quickly solve the problem!). Alex was the exact opposite in that she rarely went when she napped--she can also go for many, many hours without going to the bathroom at all, but she doesn't have accidents so I'm not complaining! Good luck!

Crafty P said...

so cool on the compassion blogging. I will definitely check in. Ironically, I think Vinny and I chose our Compassion child either at a concert that Shaun Groves was performing or maybe it was Bebo Norman. Regardless, I like Shaun Groves a bunch.

The throes of potty training. This is typically the time of year we have tackled that lovely task as well.
I cannot recall what you have tried: bribes? books for reading while you're in there? stickers for going?

Max had pooping issues- not peeing. It was just a matter of time. You have to assess the situation based on the child's personality. Is she phased much by your disappointment? What about incentives- does she respond to that? Do you need to be gentle with her or demanding?

Gabriel needed me to tell it like it is- "today you're going to go on the potty, you will not wear diapers anymore" "if you poop on the floor, you'll have to clean it up" (he didn't and I was only half serious- what mattered was my tone and matter of factness about it all). Max needed gentle persuasion. If you search potty training on my blog, you'll find the story of teaching max to go. funny stuff.

last advice- do you know about the F3 button? it will search for words/phrases on a website that you're searching for- very helpful for what I'm about to say.
Go to the Rocks in My Dryer site and click on her WFMW category. Then F3 and type in potty training. A post with potty training will pop up and be highlighted. To find the next post, click on that little arrow pointing down, try it again, sometimes I have to click it twice. It will keep taking you to all the posts about potty training! Fun tip! I read about F3 on WFMW. If you already know about it, just humor me by saying ... "wow, Christina, that is such a cool function button", it will make me feel good inside and out.

happy P.T. today! Go Catherine!

mego said...

I don't believe I knew about the F3button - I'll have to try it when I have some time this afternoon!
Thanks both Jenn and Crafty for the advice - I think the key is getting her used to going - since she always poops in the AM or during nap she just isn't used to it! I'm just hoping for a pee or two today - just to make some progress

Steph said...

Hey Megan!

I'm intrigued by the potty-training thing - so I will be looking forward to updates. Once Catherine conquers it, I will be sure to store away the useful information when the times comes for us to be working on the same thing!!

Teri said...

Hey Meg - Just wanted to let you know that the chicken turned out great! I had Gregg's mom & sister over for dinner (since his dad was on call) and they loved it. The drippings made a great gravy, just as the recipe says and the chicken was so flavorful and tender (it was hard to get out of the crock pot because it was literally falling off the bone!) I added carrots & potatoes to make it more substantial & I think that Gregg & his sister liked the veggies better than the actual chicken! It's very similar to another recipe that i have called Sticky Chicken (that just uses a few cloves of garlic tucked up under the skin, as well as paprika in the spice rub)...both are DELISH! :)

PS - thanks for your email. I'll be replying soon! :)

renee said...

thanks for the link to compassion bloggers! That is so awesome...

At least Catherine doesn't drink like a camel, like Nolan - haha! I'm afraid to even put him in big boy underwear b/c I'll be cleaning up accidents all day long! He doesn't even have an interest right now anymore... ugh.

I'm sure it will click soon enough for Catherine... :)

chrissie k said...

thinking of you guys today! i'm so sorry that ella has bronchiolitis! that's hideous and yucky and NO fun to deal with.

hope ya'll get better soon.

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