Saturday, February 09, 2008

Things that make you go hmmm...

Today was day two of potty training with Catherine. Yesterday I put her Dora underwear on her and encouraged her to try and sit on her potty every so often. She (and Ella) got a sticker for trying and one m&m for pee and two for poop. Pretty basic potty training stuff.

On Friday she was pretty willing to sit on the potty and hang out there for a bit. Then she'd say "it's not working" and that was it - but I encouraged and cheered her on for trying and she got a pretty princess sticker. At one point she sat there long enough to squeeze out a tiny little turd. Ella said it looked like a ladybug. hmmm. Yay - two m&m's!

So in two days we've had no accidents in her underpants. That's including today when we were out and about for three hours. The thing is - not once did she pee in the potty. She sat on the potty a number of times like I said before just wasn't "working". Of course I put diapers on her for nap and night time and that is when she does her business. Apparently Catherine can stay dry for up to five hours at a time which is great - but I don't want her to just not pee until naptime. It seems that can't be good. Before I noticed that she didn't pee alot except while she's sleeping but I can't believe that she never did.

Any ideas on how I can get Catherine to pee in the potty? I guess I could give her lots and lots to drink until she absolutely has to go. I never really thought it would be an issue - I wasn't aware that I was dealing with super bladder! Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this? She definitely wasn't as interested in sitting on the potty today - probably b/c she never had to go.

I guess this should be an interesting undertaking - it was so easy with Ella that I wasn't anticipating any issues with Catherine. That means I'm sure I'm really in for it!


Teri said...

I'm sure I don't have any tips that you haven't already tried (since I've never potty trained a little one)...have you had her try going while you go or maybe run the water at a trickle while she's sitting there? I've heard that can help...sorry - I'm no help! ;)

Crafty P said...

how's it going now? still need tips?

i just read on relevant about the campaign to get NBC to NOT cancel Friday night lights. Have you heard about it?

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