Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bits and Pieces

First of all, thank you all for your Trader Joe's ideas. Maybe I'll head back there again this week! I actually put all of the items you guys recommended into a list on Word. I was this close to posting it on here, but I figured that might come across as pretty dorky and I like you all to think that I'm really cool - yeah right. Let me know if you want the list and I'll either post it, or email it to you.

I'm trying to keep up with my books and letting you all know what I'm reading. I'm a bit behind, just finished a Thousand Splendid Suns, by the author of the Kite Runner. I know I was a bit late in the game reading The Kite Runner. It's not a book that you're going to chuckle and laugh through, because in many ways it's a very tough read emotionally, but it's just so good and eye opening into the history of Afghanistan, even though the story is primarily about a relationship between two boys. So if you haven't read it - go do it! Don't watch the movie first - always read the book! :)

As for movies, just last night Matt and I watched a movie that we'd had for awhile and never had time to watch. Amazing Grace had been recommended by so many and I knew that I wanted to see it, but again, I knew I wouldn't be laughing or chuckling through it, as it is the story of one man's battle to end slave trade in Great Britain. It was very inspiring and moving and I'm glad I watched it - I hope you'll consider it next time you're in Blockbuster, or just add it to your queue.

I guess that a common theme with me is that the movies and books I enjoy most are those I've avoided because I knew how intense they were and I knew they would make me feel. Not that you have to always be in the mood for something intense/emotional but I know that it's usually worth it because it usually makes me think about life beyond my own walls.

In other news, yesterday we officially, unofficially signed up Catherine for preschool. Perhaps you remember my struggle last year to pick which school to send Ella to - I ended up being very happy with my choice. This year the struggle was over whether or not to send Catherine or wait another year. She'll be old enough but that means paying for two kids in school for a year - yikes! On the flip side, it also means that Ella and Catherine will have two days a week when they're in school together - wow! Basically God provided a way to make it work so we signed her up! I can't even being to wrap my head around it. Catherine will be 8 months younger than Ella was when she started and I hope she'll be ready. Of course we don't have to send her if she's not. Also - I can't believe that I'll have two mornings a week when the girls are both in school. I think it will be harder to send Catherine because she's still my baby but I know that she'll enjoy it and she has a few friends that will be in the same class as her as well.

Finally, since I haven't been posting many pictures, I figured I would post these two short videos of the girls singing happy birthday to my mom, their Nama. The first one is their warm-up and the second one is when they decided to perform.





renee said...

yay for Catherine and preschool! We are excited for our visit to preschool next week and we'll let you know if Nolan will be attending with Catherine! I hope so...
(also, couldn't click on the videos - can't wait to see them singing!)

mego said...

Nay - it worked when I tried it - you have to click on it once to "activate" it and then push play...

Courtney said...

Post the list! Inquiring minds want to know! (mostly lazy girls want someone else to plan their meals!)

Teri said...

Oh my gosh! Those videos made me crack up!!! I love how Ella really belted it out on that second one - too, too cute!

renee said...

ahhh! so cute!! sorry - when I first went to your blog to see the videos, you must have just posted, cause the videos weren't up yet - the screens were black.
now i saw them, and it was sooo cute! i love ella's belting, and love catherine's open kiss at the end :)

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