Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labors of Love

I'm sitting around just after finishing up two simultaneous fantasy football drafts and I thought this looked fun. In honor of "Labor" Day I'm participating in a meme that Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer posted. Join in if you're interested....

How long were your labors?
Kid #1, Nonexistent. She was a c-section 10 days early because she was breech and I had low amniotic fluid

Kid #2, Hmmm...when to start counting? Long early labor, but contractions were never further than 10 minutes apart and end up getting almost 2 minutes apart for awhile. Once active labor start it was three hours from 3 cm - 10 cm.

How did you know you were in labor?
Kid #1, Didn't. I had so many Braxton Hicks with her, but never the real thing.

Kid #2, I was so nervous that it was false labor (it was a week before my due date) and I was afraid that I have my mom drive four hours for nothing. Thankfully it was the GROSS TOO MUCH INFO COMING UP PERHAPS NOT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO READ ABOUT bloody show early on into my early labor that was the clear sign that things were progressing.

Where did you deliver?
At the same hospital with both. I had hoped and planned for a birthing center with my first and then VBAC's required hospital supervision as well.

Kid #1, Spinal Block - very freaky - I felt a shock/tingle all the way down to my toes. But it was fine - no issues
Kid #2, I got something the night before to help me sleep (didn't) through the second night of early labor. Nothing after that...

Kid #1 was due to being quite comfortable in her breech position. We went to the hospital 10 days early to try an "
external cephalic version" where the docs would attempt to turn her. My amniotic fluid was too low to try and they figured, "what the heck", let's do the section now. I actually walked down the hall and hopped onto the operating table (as much as a nine month pregnant woman can hop). Kind of caught me off guard!

Who delivered them?
I have no idea the name of the operating doctor. Was not impressed by his bedside/table sides manner. I had the same midwife with me for both kids - just by chance, I go to a practice of at least five midwives and she was on call each time. She was not the midwife I would have chosen from our prenatal appointments, but she came through in the big moment and was really supportive.

Have a happy Labor Day!


Jennifer said...

Yay for VBAC moms! It's a very rare thing these days.

Nice to "meet" you from RIMD!

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

I agree, way to go on the VBAC! Too bad about the bum doc, though. Hate it when that happens.

Crafty P said...

SO funny! I cannot think of labor day without thinking of my real "labor" days!!!

jamie in rose cottage said...

Thanks for sharing your "labor day"!

Anonymous said...

Are you thinking of ever having more children? Ya - for VBAC - that's SOOOO COOL!!
Did you ever try that Whole Wheat Bread? I'm making my 3rd batch today. WOOHOO! :) God bless!

Rebecca said...

What is VBAC? I'm clueless on this one.

But everyone is saying way to go so it must be something cool I'm missing the boat on!

Megan said...

Rebecca - it's a vaginal birth after caesarean. I guess these days most people continue with a c-section after having one. It might be considered slightly risky, but not really as much as surgery and you're closely monitored...

BecauseImTheMommy said...

I'm so impressed with women who VBAC. There was just NO way I was even going to TRY that again. LOL I think if a doc is operating on you, he better have some kind of humanity in him!

chrissie k said...

meggos. take back the comment from the other post about me ignoring my norah to play wii....... ;) she sat on the floor in front of us only once!

Kama said...

I'm so glad I found this Labor Day event hosted by Rocks in My Dryer! I am due in exactly 4 weeks, so I'm glad to read all these labor stories! :) Thanks for sharing!!

LifeatTheCircus said...

I enjoyed reading your labor stories. I wish that I had gotten home in time yesterday to post on this as well, too busy preparing for my live draft!

I laughed when I read "Bevy"'s comment b/c I thought at first that whole wheat bread somehow helped with VBAC's... I am guessing those were two unrelated sentences and you have talked else where about some wheat bread recipe. :-)

Rebecca said...

Oh, I should have known that.
I know lots of people who have wanted to attempt VBAC with few successes...good for you!

And thanks for sharing your stories with us!

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