Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Birthdays and Good Byes

This past week has been a busy one and a roller coaster full of emotions.

First of all I had my mandatory two day adjustment after coming home from a vacation. It used to be one but I've decided I need at least two days to get back into the swing of things. Before you know it, I'll have a week of vacation and a week of recovery. This week I wasn't able to have too much of that because I had a birthday party to get ready for and friends to help move.

Catherine's third birthday party was last Wednesday and for the second year in a row Renee and I planned for Catherine and Nolan to share a party. It just so happened that the park where we wanted to have the party wasn't available until last week. Not too big of a deal because the planned date would be two weeks from each of their birthdays. Little did we or they know that the move across the country that they had been processing and praying about for a few months would come to fruition and they would sell their house and pack up all their belongings – the very week we had planned the party. Needless to say I felt pretty silly calling Renee saying "Please take a break from sorting through all your possessions and help me decide what game we're going to play on Wednesday." Of course that's not what I said, but it felt like. For those of you who know Renee won't be surprised that she continually apologized for not being able to help as much as she would have liked. Because it's not like she had anything more important to do!!! J

The theme was Dora and Diego and we had it at a nearby park so the kids could pretty much play the whole time. Instead of a cake I made cupcakes.

Nothing fancy, but they tasted good and were easy for the kids to eat.

We played one little game that was supposed to be similar to a Dora adventure. Each kid got a map with a two places that included a little activity for them to do. The final task, after getting crayons from Dora's backpack, was to color their map and then turn it in to get a goodie bag. As I watched the kids play along I mentioned to my friend Kelly, "It was kind of stupid, but they seemed to like it." Without missing a beat she responded "well that's Dora for you – kind of stupid, but they like it!" Too true!!! Don't get me wrong…I love that my kids can count in Spanish because of Dora, but sometimes I just can't get over the fact that this 5/6/7 year old girl is constantly running through the jungle on her own, dodging crocodiles and climbing mountains – where the heck are her parents!! Seriously???

The kids had fun playing, eating pizza and just being silly. It was fun to see some friends that I hadn't touched base with all summer. We were so excited that Shannon and Jack and Cade were able to be there with us. Of course I didn't take many pictures but Shannon did so I'll have to steal some of hers!

I did have to include one picture of the birthday girl looking oh-so-sweet wearing her new headband made by Renee.

I love this picture of Ella, Mia and Catherine – it looks like they're having a little conversation.

Can you just picture it 10 plus years down the road as they're all giggling and talking about who the cute boys are??? I can picture it oh too clearly.
Jack, Mia and Catherine. Again, all three have such cute expressions.

Getting ready for the party was one way for me to avoid thinking about the major stuff going on all week – Renee and Jon getting ready to leave to live in San Jose, CA for nine months (less than that now, right? It's been a few days already!)! I have to admit that I was pretty sad last week as we tried to spend as much time with them as possible before we left (granted, I think most of the time Matt spent was packing stuff into their storage unit!). I know that nine months will go by quick, but I will definitely miss them for those nine months. Renee and I are both home with our kids so we see each other a lot through the week during Bible study, Moms groups and this year Nolan and Catherine were going to be in preschool together. Even though we'll continue to talk as much as possible, I'll miss the day to day life stuff we shared with each other. I'm used to having loved ones live far away. My family and many close friends live far enough away that we don't see each other every week or even every month. This move is hard for me because Renee and Jon are part of our local family, people who we share our lives with on a regular basis – I'm not used to having them far away!!!
So basically, even though I know they won't be gone long and I know they're coming back (PROMISE!), I am still sad to see them go. Enough sappiness – I'll try not to sound too pathetic!!!

wanted to have a little time with Mia and Nolan before they left so I watched them for a few hours one morning so Renee could continue with their packing. The kids had a blast playing together and I snapped a few shots since I knew it would be the last time before they moved.

We had a week of celebrating another year with our Catherine and we had a week of preparing for the big good bye to our dear friends. Looking back, I'm glad it all happened the way it did! The last time we would see them was church on Sunday and once again, a really sad moment was bookended with a really happy one because I got to watch my girls perform their worship dance and see the joy on their faces as they danced for Jesus. Again, perfect timing for me…not so perfect timing for Renee since she was the dance teacher and choreographer!

Since then we've only talked once, or twice…maybe more….thank goodness that we have unlimited long distance. They are enjoying exploring their new city and sleeping away all the stress and crazy emotion of the past weeks. If you want to stay updated on their California adventure, check her blog Hangin' with your Naybor.


renee said...

that made me cry :( seriously.
that was a beautiful post and as the tears were rolling down my cheeks, I realized once again how incredibly thankful I am for friends like you - for you to be like my own family, for our kids to be so close, and for us to be able to call on each other. Basically "doing life" together.

Thank you SO incredibly much for all your help these past few weeks. From watching the kids, to giving us a meal, to allowing Matt spend many of his free hours with us hauling stuff into storage... it was all so much appreciated.

We're so grateful for you guys and love you very much.

Hopefully I'll have a new post up soon, but for now I have to go sleep some more....still not caught up! :)

stella g. said...

it is so sad to move away from friends. :( i like to think of it as more cool places to visit. but that doesn't always make me feel better. i've definitely shed a few tears since our move. once when my best friend moved, i made a bunch more because i wasn't hanging out with her all the time. i still missed her, but God filled the hole with lots more. love you, megan.

LifeatTheCircus said...

We have a set of friends that sound similar to yours. They talk every now and then of moving, and I always respond with, "I'll pray you find that perfect house locally, I'll still love you guys, but I can't pray for you to move out of state." I imagine my heart would feel very broken like yours if they end up leaving. Beautiful post!

(and great job on the party... they look they had a fabulous time)!

Crafty P said...

what a FUN party!

And how sad that renee has moved away!
I haven't been "over there" to her blog lately, so I'll have to check in and see how the new Left Coasters on doing.

Thank God for email and blogs and all the techie stuff that keeps us connected!

Courtney said...

What a great day...and the headbands are an extra dose of cute. I feel your pain with Renee leaving, as our best friends here are currently packing up to move cross country. Why don't they listen when we tell them to stay? :)
Happy Birthday to both the kiddies...they're lucky to have such fun moms!

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