Friday, October 31, 2008


This morning Catherine told me that she wanted to be a "buyer" when she grew up.

I told her she probably would be a buyer, because everytime I go to Target, I'm a buyer too.

Ella was playing with the shopping cart and Catherine got all excited saying that she was going to be a buyer and help Ella. I told her, that yes, there are people who help people shop and find things they like. I was envisioning a personal shopper at one of those fancy shmancy stores and what a cool job that would be.

Then she asked for her buyer thingie do (her newest word to describe everything!) so she could be a buyer. What? It took a couple explanations for me to realize that she meant her cash register!

Oh, so her dream job at the moment is to work a cash register! Even though I hope her dreams get a little bigger, it was so cute to hear her talking about growing up and thinking about the endless opportunities that await her!

Happy Halloween! Check back this weekend for pictures and a recap of our Halloween events as well as a flashback to one of my not so fun Halloween memories that apparently still has an effect on.


Kerri Smith said...

just like my sales hero says in all his books "people love to buy but they hate to be sold"
you could have a little sales-woman on your hands!

Crafty P said...

happy halloween! Here's hoping that we make it out tonight!

Teri said...

Can't wait to read all about it (and see the pics!) And...I used to want to be a cashier when I grew up, too! :)

I miss reading blogs - hopefully I'll be back on track with blogging very soon!

Teri said...

PS -thanks for checking in on me. As you know, moving is stressful & I hope to be up and running again very soon!

Courtney said...

I love this! She can have my job when she grows up. It's like playing pretend, dress up and buyer everyday!

oh- and when I was little I wanted to be a hairdresser or a stewardess (we didn't have "flight attendants" back then), so who knows what she'll end up doing!

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