Thursday, January 08, 2009

Goals, resolutions and fun stuff like that

I don't know if I've ever really made New Year's resolutions. Probably because I know it's a lost cause. I am one of the most undisciplined persons I know. If I don't feel like doing something I don't do it or I procrastinate and do all sorts of other things instead. This is not something I am proud of, I am just being honest! But rather than just make a blanket statement like "I need to be more disciplined" or "I need to stop procrastinating" I figured I could throw out a few things I really want to work on this year as well.

So here are a few goals for me this year;

Make my bed every day (ok, every day might be pushing it, but hey, I want to keep the bar high!)

Work on going to bed at a reasonable time (lights out no later than 11:30) and getting out of bed earlier than I absolutely have to a few days a week (I was purposefully vague there - I need a little wiggle room with this one. I hate getting out of bed in the morning. Based on my statement above you have to realize that means I put it off as long as possible.)

Have more planned in house activities for the girls. Crafts, cooking, etc organized ahead of time so that I don't have to rummage around to see if we have the needed materials/ingredients on hand.

Spend less time in front of the computer looking at pointless things (and by pointless, I don't mean your blogs. I mean playing word games, reading celebrity gossip, facebook)

Get back on the exercise wagon for the right reason. Of course I desperately want to be more toned and have a great (or just OK) bathing suit bod, but most importantly I want to stay healthy and fit. My motivation is usually how I look, but I hope that I can work on my mindset.

Start swimming. Our high school has a lap swim time and I really want to try it out. I know how good swimming is for your cardiovascular fitness and it's good on your joints. I just have to work up the courage to go on my own.

Read the Bible more consistently. Not even with a study or guide, but just read and take it in. Mostly I feel like I read to fill in the answers to a Bible study and not to just soak in God's word. I need to soak a bit.

Take a risk. I am not a risk taker. I don't like to do things on my own. I often think of things I like to do and how I could turn that into a career or just a little part time job. But the idea of putting myself out there freaks me out! Also, I'm much better at assessing other's skills and encouraging them to put them to use - not so much with myself.

What an exciting list! I am just that exciting of a person that the first thing I put out there is "make my bed".

I hope that putting this on the web will help keep me accountable. If I totally bomb, you might find that this post mysteriously disappears! :)

Also, totally unrelated...I am so glad so many of you are doing the bookclub. I like the suggestion of a facebook group that is invitation only. I think the only one of us not on facebook is Rebecca (AKA Happy). Could this be the push needed to get her on board!? Happy I'll find out if there is a way (I think there is) for you to join the group but not join facebook. Has anyone started it already?


Teri said...

What? Word games? No more scramble?? ;)

But seriously, Meg - I think we could be twins...I need to do each and every one of those things on your list...especially reading my bible...I really need a plan for reading...I just feel so lost when I open it up...

Abs & I want to get together w/ you...what is your first weekend in Feb looking like?

Megan said...

Teri - I could never completely give up scramble. just maybe cut back a bit!

Crafty P said...

uh oh, I know I'm not helping with your scramble addiction. Hey, I have cut WAY back on it though.

just fb-ed you about the book. I started it about an hour ago and LOVE IT (say that in your best J.D. voice, k).

we are a lot alike Megan.

good resolutions though. I heard someone say today to use the word intentions, not resolutions. I like that even better than goals.

Rebecca said...

I feel the same way about reading the read it the way I would read a great new book and not as an accompiament to a Bible Study.

My copy of the book is in transit...I so hope it will be there to p/up tomorrow so I can have it for the snowy weekend! Between that and the third Twilight book my kids will be going, "MOM???? MOM???? WE NEED TO EAT!"

And, lastly, I will figure out a way to join Facebook. I don't want to miss out on the book club. I told my husband how excited I was and he was all like, "HUH?"

Yea, I'm cool.

And...I think you'd be great at so many things, Meg!

Jen said...

Those sound like great resolutions. I have also been considering doing swimming at the pool in our township too. Too bad we don't live in the same town and we could go together. It is a little intimidating to think about going alone :)

LifeAtTheCircus said...

I share a lot of your goals, and those I don't I should :-)

I am trying to be more intentional with my time this year.

I picked up the book today at the library... eager to get started!

renee said...

great goals megs!

i too, have pretty similar goals this year (although i haven't written anything down yet)...

i'm excited to see what your future "risks" are :)

... but just fyi, you do a GREAT job at encouraging others in their talents and skills. you've helped me feel confident many-a-time, and i thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

Megan- I would LOVE to get back into swimming! Let me know if you find a place and when- maybe I'd be able to go too:)

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