Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekend Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts for you...

Whoever coined the phrase "Rightie Tightie, Leftie Loosie" is a genius. Genius! I think I must say it to myself at least once a day.

Today I used it as I helped Matt put together a bracket brace type arm thing that we used to hang our new tv on the wall. Yeah, it's one of those TV's. I'm a bit embarrassed by it.

I almost had a heart attack as I helped him left the TV onto the bracket thingy do on the wall. I kept saying this "Why am I doing this? Why isn't Harvey (our neighbor) over here doing this." And then I was scared to let go.

We had a movie night at church tonight. It similar to what Greg AKA Agent Orange Records does at his church.'s the exact same thing, we even stole the name "Real Life". We watched one of my favorite movies that no one has ever seen "Lars and the Real Girl". Such a good movie. I've seen it three times now and never get tired of it.

How is everyone doing with Love Walked In? Anyone finished yet or getting close? I am almost done reading it for the second time. I started it either yesterday or the day before yesterday. That's just how I am with books. Don't be jealous, I guarantee that your houses are much cleaner than mine. That's just the sacrifice I make!

Speaking of sacrifices, I need to cut this short and go do some laundry and make up for the lack of cleaning I've done for the past two days.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


renee said...

don't be embarrassed - it's awesome! and i was there when you told us you were getting it... you did some hard work to get that thing :)
oh to finish a book that quickly! wish i were reading along with you! except i'd be "wait, don't start the discussion yet... i have only 100 more pages. wait, i know it's been a week, but i have 91 pages left now..." HAHA!

Crafty P said...

man, you are FAST girl.

I am somewhere near 12 or 13. I had no idea that there were actual numbers on the chapters until recently. I guess I've been reading it late in low light!!!! But I found the numbers now.

It's good and I feel stupid that I didn't see what happened coming. I'm never the one to guess what's about to happen next, I just like to be surprised by it and then say, "oh yeah, I get it now".

I need to see this movie. seriously. what is so fabulous about it?

ps. I gave up Grey's for 2009 and the latter part of '08. I'm just not that into it anymore and I think they're all stupid.

Courtney said...

I started it a couple days ago, and I'm about halfway through. When are we discussing?

And I can't believe you got a new TV. How am I going to keep Dustin from whining now? :)

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