Monday, January 19, 2009

A Time to Weep and a Time to Laugh

That would describe the state of our house today.

I am rejoicing over the Steeler's big victory over the Raven's last night.

My husband is mourning the loss of the Eagles to the Arizona Cardinals.

To make it worse I can't get the tune "Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl" out of my head. Thankfully my husband is a much more gracious loser than I am and has not told me to "shut it", but he did ask nicely if I could contain my excitement until Wednesday at least, at which time he will be able to handle it better.
I can deal with that.

While a PA Super Bowl would have been really fun, I am glad that I can feel free to watch the game locally. I told Matt I couldn't handle being the only Steeler's fan in the room with a bunch of Eagles fans. I was planning on crashing the Milinovich home in New Jersey which would be the closest Steeler friendly home available to me. While I won't be leaving, I'm not sure if I'm up for a big party. Three years ago when they were in it against the Seahawks we had a bunch of friends over and I just assumed since none of them really cared, they would naturally root for the Steelers because they were my FRIENDS. It didn't happen that way. I'm not kidding you, at one point I snuck upstairs to watch by myself because I was getting frustrated. Not super mature I know, but I also cried when Franco Harris was traded. Granted I was seven at the time so perhaps that's not a good comparison.

Other exciting news - we got about five inches of snow today! I'm still kind of in shock, because anytime there is ANY chance of snow or potential winter weather the news teams really go nuts talking about it ad nauseum, giving you all the possible routes the storm will take, where the rain/ice/snow line will be, and on and on. Nine times out of ten, nothing happens. It's gotten to be a joke. So today it started snowing around noon and just never stopped. I got on one of the local news websites and read the latest weather forecast and it talked about how there would be a few flurries this morning, but the fog would be the real problem throughout the day. Beneath it they had the various snow tallies for the area. I love when the weather catches us off guard and I especially love finally getting some snow. All day long the kids waited until we could try sled riding and when we finally tried it wasn't happening. The snow was too wet. But we had a lot of fun just playing and chasing each other and making snow angels.

Here are a few pictures of our time outside. Not many and they aren't good, but I realize I haven't posted any pictures yet this year....


Jen said...

I love the pictures. We also had so much fun in the unexpected snow. We were out for so long this afternoon. The dark and our hunger finally made us come inside. What fun. See you Wednesday!

Rebecca said...

The last time the Steelers made it to the Superbowl we were supposed to have a party...complete with the best wings in town. But then, Noah decided to make an unexpected and quick debut into the world the Friday of that same weekend....

So, needless to say, I was busy.

This year I think we'll keep it low key, but try for those wings!

Cute, cute,'re just adorable in your snow hat!

Courtney said...

We are totally leading parallel lives! I feel your bittersweet pain regarding football. And the SNOW! oh the snow. It looks like you had more fun with it than I did. I've been holed up inside the house (guess that's what happens when you don't have kids forcing you to go play!) And it cracks me up that you call it sled riding- so Pittsburgh! :)

renee said...

oh, play in the snow for me and the kids! wish we could have GONE SLEDDING (haha) with you!

CONGRATS on the Steelers victory!!
we were pretty bummed over here about the Eagles.... :(

you look SO CUTE in the snow!!


Sarah said...

Wasn't that crazy about the snow? I definately wasn't expecting it, and then all of a sudden we were hit!!
You must be thrilled about the win! I have to admit that I didn't even get to watch the Eagles game with B sick and taking up the entire day with his TV/movie time. At least your Steelers got a win:)

Love the snow pics...and you do look so cute in that hat:-)

LifeAtTheCircus said...

I can relate to you both on this one. I remember all too well when the Steelers lost the AFC Championship a few years ago. It was a wake up call to Scott and I that we cared way to much about football. We were seriously down for days, weeks and didn't want to talk about it at all. We had our hopes so high and then man, that blow was so hard. As a result since then, I've been much more cautious with my emotions going into the championships.
I too can't stop singing that song... I just bought it onload and have it on the ipod, the answering machine and am working on getting it on my phone. :-)
But I hear you on the superbowl party. Scott and I only invited our parents for the superbowl, we don't want a lot of people here so that we have to play the role of host because we want to be watching the game. Rules are: all food made and on table buffet style before kick off, people get what they want when they want it, no talking during the game, and you can't come if you aren't cheering for the Steelers. :-) But I think you already figured out we are a tad over the top.

Teri said...

Fun pics! I Love it!

And I know what you mean about being the only Steelers fan in town. Since the Eagles are no longer in the running, I have managed to get Gregg to support me on this one...but it's probably more like a slightly biased indifference, in which he states that he will root for the Steelers, but he won't be sad if they lose...I guess that's better than nothing. And I'm actually secretly happy that it isn't a PA superbowl because I never would have gotten away w/ cheering for the Steelers...especially if they won!

Kerri Smith said...

we can totally identify with being with "non-fans"! Christian can't handle it at all! (I'm starting to get that way too!) thankfully, State College is 60%+ pro-Steelers, so we're good.
5 inches on Monday? we must have missed that one. love it!

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