Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day I figured I would post some pictures of what's growing around our house these days! Last year we had our first garden and I'm excited to have a little bit of the learning curve behind me and to feel slightly less clueless this time around!

We plan on growing some things in our yard again, but also are planning a type of community garden with some other folks over at our church. I decided I wanted to start as much as possible from seeds this year so I have more control over how they are grown and save even more money. So a few weeks ago we planted some is how they looked on Saturday...

You might have to click this picture if you want to see the two tiny little green bean seedlings that are just starting to peek through. I was so excited because that is the container that Ella accidentally knocked off the counter. I wasn't holding out much hope that the would sprout - for all I knew the seeds were in the trash with the rest of the soil that was all over the floor.

Here is a picture of them that I took today!

I love how quickly the seeds are now starting to grow - at this point it looks like we'll have a lot of zucchini and cucumbers. The bottom right of the above picture is green beans - I think all but two have sprouted.

The very back container are the green pepper seeds. Not much going on there. I'm still hoping that with the cilantro I plan on starting later in spring, the tomatoes we always grow and hopefully some fresh green peppers, I'll be able to make a yummy pico de gallo! Come on green peppers! (and yes, that is a picture of newborn ella (i think!) just laying there - i must have missed it as I was moving pictures back into the rooms)

My windows are decorated by basil! Is there anything better than the smell of fresh basil?My lovely husband picked up two pots of my favorite flowers and they have been providing a splash of color to our dining room. Hello there beautiful!

This is the third year in a row that I've made dirt dessert on Earth Day - it's just a fun tradition, ever since I scared Catherine at 18 months when she thought I was really eating a big bite of dirt!
I'll share the recipe with you, since there are many version of it out there and this is the one that we like the best.
Dirt Dessert
1 package oreo cookies, finely ground up (food processor is easiest) until you have approximately 32 oz worth
8 oz package of cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup powdered sugar
3 cups milk
1 5.5 oz package instant vanilla pudding
1 container cool whip
Beat the cream cheese until creamy and then add the powdered sugar and beat to combine.
In a larger bowl mix the milk, pudding and cool whip (I add the cool whip after I have whisked the pudding and milk for a bit). Stir in the cream cheese mixture.
In another larger bowl, or flower pot, start with a small layer of oreo crumbs. Add a layer of pudding/cream cheese mixture and continue to layer, with the final layer being oreos.
Eat right away or refrigerate until later!
Add in options: You can put gummy worms in as you layer to add to the "dirt" effect. Also, if I'm using a flower put then I will stick a plastic flower on top which really helps sell it as dirt!
Trust, this is one yummy Earth Day treat.
We are spending a few days with my brother Mike, his wife Sharon and my sweet nephew Caleb as they are in town for a wedding. It will be a busy couple of days and busy weekend but I'm sure I'll have lots of stories to share after our time together. It will be interesting to see how long Caleb puts up with all the attention from his cousins, especially Catherine who seems to think of him as her doll and is constantly trying to hug and kiss him and pull him around.


renee said...

can't wait for our community garden! :)

those seedlings are lookin' so cute!

yes, basil is the best smelling thing ever... jon always asks if we can grow a tree of it *in the house*

and although i won't be eatin' any of that cream cheese cool whip puddin' dessert.... (hehe) it's a perfect earth day dessert!! :)

Rebecca said...

Okay, have I ever mentioned how badly I want to grow things other than babies in my belly?

Well, I do...

I want to grow vegetables. And herbs.

However, I live in a townhouse and there's no yard to plant a veggie garden in.

Am I seeing here correctly that I can plant herbs in Dixie cups? Can they stay in them?

I was thinking I might be able to grow a tomato plant on my back deck....

But I really want some peppers and zucchini and cucumbers...oh the sweet taste of freshly grown veggies!

Yours look great and I love the Gerber daisies!

Will you can any of your veggies for winter use? That would be so Laura Ingalls Wilder-ish!

stella g. said...

gerber daisies are my favorite, too. our garden this year consists of only flowers in pots. oh, and some basil, that i'm tempted to move inside bc i think it's getting scorched by our el paso sun. i can't wait to see you garden in a few months!

Cindy said...

I love Gerber Daiseys I didn't know that you did also. They are wonderful flowers. Earth Day huh, but yes we should celebrate it like most other days that have been taken over by the world why not celebrate the creation God made and gave us to tend. I am glad to see you are taking God literally and tilling the ground. Your veggies will be a real delight this summer! Enjoy your flowers and seedlings!

Cindy said...

p.s. notice I am the only one who can't spell daisies right, but I do learn from my mistakes!

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