Sunday, April 19, 2009


This weekend was perfect. It really was. After the cold spring we've had so far, when you get three (it ended up being four) consecutive days of warm sunny weather you start doing as much outside activity as possibly. So this weekend ended up being a weekend of many firsts (for this year).

First cookout with friends....(ok, just a picture of the girls, but it was that night)

First s'mores by the fire.

First taste of those s'mores....

Ella's first day of Pee Wee soccer. she actually there? Let's zoom in and take a look....

Yep, she's there! I was silently yelling for Matt to come over and take pictures and this is what he got before the card was full. I'm actually not too upset because you aren't able to tell that my child is the only without shin guards or cleats. I mean, really, cleats for 4 and 5 year olds? Just doesn't seem necessary. I have no excuse for the lack of shin guards. You would think I've never stepped on a soccer field before or something??? :)

First planting. Decked out in our new hat and gardening gloves

Catherine's first, of many, goofy grins while wearing her new hat (I know I'm reaching, but how could I pass this one up?) Note: She put her hat on that way, not me.

There is no first for this, again I just thought it was too cute not to post!

Finally, our first ice cream cones outside!

I almost forgot, we got our first farmer tans - one day in the sun is all it took! Both girls have rosy red cheeks and tan arms. And I bought our first bottle of sunscreen for the season!
Ok, enough with the firsts, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did! Even though tomorrow looks to be cold and rainy, the past few days have made it feel like spring is really here to stay - and summer suddenly doesn't seem to far away!


renee said...

love the pics megs! those 2 are beauties...
(do the girls know that mia has the same hat in white but with a flower? they will be so excited...) :)

love your bonfire set up! wait, so is that where your garden used to be? glad to see you have a bonfire pit rigged up so we won't feel as bad asking for our other one back (seriously, i felt bad since you used it so much, i didn't want to ask for it back) :)

sooooo happy you're able to get outdoors now. spring is definitely here and summer is not too far!!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

What beautiful pics you have! I don't blame you for not leaving out those two! Keepers for sure!
We too had great weather which was perfect for an outdoor birthday party and opening day of little league baseball!!

Cindy said...

I too was full of firsts this weekend. Playing outside with Nathan is a lot of fun and I was so glad just to get outside. I am so worried about what little tan I have that I need to get out as much as possible and try to keep the color up. It was nice to get fresh air wasn't it.

chrissie k said...

Hey -- I saw sweet shin guards and cleats at Gabriel's the other day. I didn't really look at the prices - but I'm sure they were amazing. Let me know if you need me to go back and pick some up!

The boys enjoyed the picks of their cute cousies. Miss you guys!

Rebecca said...

What a terrific weekend! We, too, enjoyed the warm weather, but it seems to have disappeared for awhile again...what's up with that?

Your girls are so stylish in their hats! I loved those pictures...I love how "grown up" they are beginning to look! certainly seems like they must have been mere babies when I started reading here!

Let's hope the warm weather and sunshine makes a speedy return!

stella g. said...

man, your girls are getting big. i know it keep saying that, but it keeps blowing my mind. love the hat pics. was she eating dirt?

Allen Skipper said...

Your pictures are adorable!

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