Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursdays, weather and Easter

It's Thursday, my favorite day of the week. It's the one morning I am at home while the girls go to preschool and I get a few hours of alone time. It's also the afternoon when we go to library story time in the afternoon and art class at night. All things that the girls love and keep them on the go so there is little time to be bored. My kids do best when they have a mix of busy and slow days. Yesterday was a slow day, today is our busy day!

Another reason to love Thursday - Matt occassionally works from home in the morning since the girls aren't there. It's kind of nice hearing his voice as he makes phone calls and getting to chat with him (he LOVES when I come over to "chat" with him while he's working!) without the girls competing for our attention.

Also I love Thursday because I look forward to The Office and 30 Rock. Two funny shows that are half hour little treats to watch. I love my Lost and this year I've even started watching American Idol (gasp!), but I love the lack of intensity involved with watching 30 minute comedies! So yes, I look forward to Thursday because of those shows.

I have looked forward to this Thursday all week because after a few days...or has it been weeks?...of cold rainy weather, today was forecasted to be sunny and up to 60. Starting off a beautiful three or four day streak of nice days, with potential to be in the mid 70's! I cannot express how happy I am to see the sun and know it will be out for a few days and that it will actually be warm at the same time! Easter Sunday was sunny, but windy and cold. Right before we left for church, the girls in their Easter dresses (I am proud of myself for my restraint this Easter season, the only thing I bought was a cardigan for Ella to wear with her dress. Oh how I wanted to buy them adorable matching dresses. But I restrained myself...) and much needed cardigans and Ella asked "mom, aren't we going to wear coats?". I told them, no we would just run into church - a coat would totally ruin the look!

It was definitely coat weather. Needless to say, we didn't take any outdoor pictures.

We are still putting our house back together after the floors refinishing project. I promise I will post before and after pictures. It is now late afternoon and I got distracted from finishing this post by looking through all the pictures I had downloaded.

Here are a few from Easter. I had more to upload but I only did as many as blogger would let me do at once. I hate messing with the spacing and the text when I forget to add pictures until the end of the post!

these could used some cropping and editing but that would have led to a whole other area of distraction...

they are running to find eggs after church was over and they were able to put on more weather appropriate attire!

i love this shot of ella. (in spite of the mysterious red smudge under her eye)


Teri said...

Meg - I can't get over how much the girls look like you (Ella) and Matt (Catherine) in that second picture that you posted! WOW!

stella g. said...

man, Ella is really growing up! she looks so mature. and the two are absolutely adorable running after their eggs. :) (and did i catch a glimpse of the hardwood floor in those easter dress pics?)

renee said...

oh they looked so pretty in their easter dresses (never would have guessed you already had those dresses - they were perfect)! they really are looking so old!!! i just love ella's hair... i really can't wait to see you all in 4 weeks from today!!!!!!
yay for the sunshine coming to you guys over there! :)

Courtney said...

Ella is so grown up! I love her haircut! Glad you guys had fun!

Crafty P said...

I had to laugh at the "no coats" comment you made. We did the same thing, but for a more practical reason- I knew there would be NO ROOM in the pew to stash all those coats! ha!

I love Thursdays, too. Except I love it b/c I get to stay HOME, if I so choose, and go no where all day!

We still have two Offices from last week to catch up on!

It's been so long since we've talked "tv", Megan!

how was your visit to NJ?

Cindy said...

Meg- The no coat thing is great isn't it we decided we all have new stuff lets go without coats and show it off. We went to breakfast that morning and I was so worried they would have syrup over their outfits before we made it to the service but they all did great no syrup. Looks like you have had a wonderful Easter!

Rebecca said...

After seeing these pictures my very first thought was of how much older Ella is looking! When did she just grow up all of a sudden?

Wow...listen to me all sounding like I've known your kids since their infancy or something....

But really even just from stalking, er reading here, it's obvious to tell she's outgrowing any trace of babyhood.

Aww..does that make you teary eyed? I'm sorry.

Perhaps it's time for another to fill the void....

Just a suggestion. :)

chrissie k said...

hahaa!! someone commented about you having another baby!! and it wasn't ME!

loved ella's haircut picture - just beautiful.

hope you guys are well! did you get the bathroom floor in yet?

AI - i'm loving this season. who's your fave?

we need to talk soon.

Erin said...

When did you cut Ella's hair??? Was it tramatic??

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