Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All sorts of stuff

I'm sitting here watching the finale of American Idol with my mom - seeing how quickly I can make it through the two hour show - love my DVR!

There is laundry to be folded, a shower to be taken, gifts to be wrapped..

oh wow Jason Mraz - yay!

Anyway...where was I? Oh yeah, I have a lot I need to be doing but I'm not doing any of it. I'll probably regret it tomorrow.

Kris and Keith Urban - I'm liking!

The girls have their end of the year programs/graduations tomorrow. Catherine's is in the morning and Ella's is a little more formal/special and is held at night with a reception afterwards. I have cookies to make and cake pops to dip. I promised Ella I would make some for her to give to her classmates.

I'm definitely feeling emotional as Ella ends her two years in preschool and gets ready to move onto Kindergarten. In her backpack today were many end of the year projects, a class book, an all about me book, as well as the teacher's evaluation. Looking through all of it I got to see how much Ella has learned and how she's grown this past year. She's had such a great class for the past two years and really loves the friends she's made and she's not looking forward to moving on. I think the next three months will be spent getting us both ready for that!

My mom has come down to see the girls do their special programs so we're enjoying some time with her and now she's watching American Idol with me. She has so many questions about how it all "works". Right now we're watching Adam and KISS sing. She thinks Adam reminds her of Elvis. And now she's excited to go to Creation. Not sure how she made the jump from KISS to Creation....

Now and emergency alert has just blocked the screen and I am pretty darn sure it is right at the moment when the winner was announced (it's 10:01 now, I'm about 30 minutes behind.) I will like I wasted a lot of time over the past few months if I don't get to see the look on Kris or Adam's face when they win. Maybe there's a lesson in there for me. I'll have to take some time and think about it.

My mom won't let me fast forward past Rod Stewart. Well I guess I made her watch Fergi....

A few bits of more randomness..

I had fun reading about those of you who share my love for avocados as well those of you who are willing to give it a try. Props to Tasha who's avocado milkshake wins the prize as the weirdest way to eat/drink avocado.

I promise to get an Aldi's post up soon. I hope to help you take full advantage of the savings you will find there. Today Matt got hotdog and hamburger rolls for $.25 a bag. Can't beat that!

Tomorrow night premiers one of my favorite shows, my favorite reality show....So You Think You Can Dance. How much do I love this show? Well I still have last year's season finale on DVR. After watching the depressing season finale for Grey's Anatomy, I needed something happy to watch and I put on SYTYCD and let them dance the sadness away!

This year my friend Courtney organized a rotating So You Think You Can Dance (which I will now always refer to SYTYCD) recap blog. It will start tomorrow night and I will put up a quick post each week directing you to the blogger who is doing the recap. If you don't watch the show, maybe now's the time to give it a try and you can discuss it with us. If you do watch, feel free to comment and share your opinions each week! The more the merrier!

I got to the end of American Idol. The message alert did in fact interupt the moments right after Kris was announced as the winner so I missed what he said. Did it seem like Ryan was very unenthusiastic to anyone else? I love Kris, but I have to say I was kind of hoping Adam would win. I know that both of them will be fine either way and neither is a loser, but I think that all the news (well, the entertainment news, the the real world news) tomorrow will be about Adam losing and not Kris winning. I think Kris would have gotten a lot less flack had he not won. I guess I should be optimistic that people will focus on what Kris has done and what a great humble talented guy he is and not moaning about Adam losing. I think Adam is a great vocalist and great performer and seems like a nice guy with a fun sense of humor. I just happen to prefer Kris' style of music more, that's it. That's all I have to say about that!

I also made a new yummy recipe tonight. I'm going to post it later because I've been sitting here talking to my mom and now I need to go to bed!


Crafty P said...

fun post, Megan!

avocado milkshake? I missed that.

I posted about AI and SYTYCD, too!

sorry you missed the reaction Kris had b/c it was classic!

Rachel said...

I'm up first on the Sisterhood of the Traveling Dance! I'm so nervous! said...

loved this hodge podge post...great to read all those thoughts going round in your head. Our graduation day is tomorrow and we too start K in the fall, so I feel your pain girlie! Here's hoping for a long summer!!

Rebecca said...

Yes, a fun stream of consciousness type of post!

However, I'm anxious about the Aldi's post.

I can't comment much on AI because I didn't watch it once this season and I only saw it a handful of times last year.

Is Paula still a judge? JK...I do know that much. reader that I am.

I hope Graduation Day goes well! Please post pictures! And have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

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